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Object Name Prospectus
Catalog Number 1997.061.054.a-c
Description Three identical prospectuses of development of Golden Gateway, "Locate and Expand. Picture of downtown Chattanooga on front, proposed buildings on back, map inside.

Throughout the nineteenth century, urban areas all over the country grew in a manner that was unplanned for and seemingly spontaneous. By the mid-twentieth century, cities started to notice a problem with "blighted areas", which had become deteriorated and plagued by poverty. As cities like Manhattan, St. Louis, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia were taking "progressive" steps toward solving the issue of urban blight, Chattanooga took notice. The goal of Urban Renewal was to prevent the spread of blight into good areas of the city and rehabilitate areas where the housing had deteriorated. In 1955 Mayor Rudy Olgiati announced an urban redevelopment program for Chattanooga's West Side, which was thought to have been one of Chattanooga's most blighted areas. The Chattanooga Housing Authority and Federal government bought 990 parcels of land in the West Side and intended to sell them to developers interested in investing in Chattanooga's Golden Gateway. This prospectus is an example of one of the efforts to attract developers and investors to Chattanooga's West Side.

The West Side was composed of a low socio-economic population composition in comparison with the remainder of the City. While the West Side was a mixed neighborhood, 70% of the West Side was inhabited by African Americans and primarily occupied the "blighted areas" on this map.

As a part of the urban Renewal Program, the people that lived there had to move to other parts of town. Those who could afford to moved to places like Lookout Mountain, Signal Mountain, or Hixson, did so. Everyone else, had to move to the housing projects that the Chattanooga Housing Authority built on the South side of town.
Date 1963 circa
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Accession number 1997.061