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Object Name Scrapbook
Catalog Number 2003.056.001
Description Scrapbook, called "Snaps and Scraps: My Life in the Navy," with a USN logo above title on the cover. Cover is navy blue with silver writing. Scrapbook belonged to Arthur William ("Bill") Lawson, Jr., who was from Chattanooga and served in the Navy during World War II. The scrapbook documents his service during the Okinawa Gunto operation (assault and occupation) in which Okinawa was captured. "The Okinawa Campaign is regarded as the greatest sea-air battle in history (April 1 - June 22,1945).
The greatest naval armada in history: 40 carriers, 18 battleships, 200 destroyers, hundreds of transports, cruisers, supply ships, and more than 15 ships transporting 182,000 assault troops took part in the assault on Okinawa, called Operation Iceberg." Source: USS Natoma Bay Logbook Project. Shortly after, he documented in the journal section of the scrapbook about the atomic bombings in Japan just after the capture of Okinawa.

Pages are not physically numbered but listed in order in this record.

First page has a page about the purpose of printing the scrapbooks and a copyright date of 1842. Handwritten at the top of the page: "From Jean Chapman, 1945." Page 2: "Memories of Okinawa" handwritten above a magazine clipping with this caption: "Lacework of Marine ack-ack greets Jap night bombers over Okinawa. Corsairs are seen in foreground." Ack-ack refers to anti-aircraft fire and Corsair was a type of plane. Page 3 lists his personal information as well as a photograph of him. His address was 201 Belvoir Avenue, Chattanooga; age 19; his rank was Radioman 3rd class; and he entered service on October 21, 1943 in the U.S.N. Reserve. Bill was discharged from service May 7th, 1946. He left on Landing Ship Tank (LST, also called Tank Landing Ship) 241 on December 18, 1944 and launched on April 1, 1945 "Okinawa for Invasion" - The campaign this vessel was used on was Okinawa Gunto operation Assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto in April 1945 (there is an image of the vessel in the image files - the last one). L.S.T. referred to a Tank Landing Ship, which was an amphibious vessel designed to land battle-ready tanks, troops and supplies directly onto enemy shores. More information: USS LST Ship Memorial.
LST-241 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater LST Flotilla Five (Capt. G.B. Carter, USN), Group Fifteen (Cdr. V. K. Busck, USN) and participated in the Asiatic-Pacific Campaigns. Following World War II, LST-241 performed occupation duty in the Far East until mid-October 1945. The vessel was decommissioned on March 7, 1946 and sold for scrapping on September 29, 1947 to Southern Shipwrecking Co., New Orleans, LA. LST-241 earned six battle stars for World War II service. More information: NavSource Online.

Pages 4-6 have "Records and Notes" titles and it is a handwritten brief account of the Okinawa operation. See media link for transcription of notes.
Page 7 is an autograph page with 17 autographs including Bill Lawson's.
Page 8: "Personal Service Records" which list Bill Lawson's service history. See media link for transcription.
Page 9 lists "Names and Addresses of Family and Friends," "Names of Officers," and birthdates of friends and family.
Page 10 lists his weights, a list of gifts he received while in service, a list of all the foreign places he visited while in service, and his discharge information.
2003.056.002.a,b were found between pages 10 and 11.
Pages 11-12: There are two handwritten notes from women with lipstick "kiss" marks on them. Photographs of Bill at Elsie Teeville; Bill on July 29, 1940; of the LCT Operations building with "Radio Shack" handwritten in the corner; the LCT 1364 (which he mentioned in the journal section); and "Okinawans."
Pages 13-14: Photographs of his father, wife, and child; his friend "Dutch", and various other people; several clippings likely about friends of his; and a cartoon which referenced the Navy, and in which he handwrote "Martha" (his wife) and "Me".
Pages 15-16: Photographs of Bill's wife, Martha, a woman named Evelyn, and a woman named Jo; several cartoons; and a World War II card from his mother.
Pages 17-18: Photographs of Bill in his Navy uniform and his mother in Washington, D.C.; an image of him in his Navy uniform and an unidentified woman; Martha; a child, "Junior"; a woman named Betty; a woman named Nancy; and a birthday poem written by his mother.
Pages 19-20: Photographs of his son; father; sister; uncle; Martha and their dog; his mother; a woman named Mary; images with someone named Fergie; and an image of the Navy Corsair 993.
Pages 21-22: Photographs of his father, sister, cats, mother, and his "Navy Mom" Ellis.
Pages 23-24: Photographs of friends; and Martha including a color portrait of her.
Pages 25-28: Photographs of Nancy; Martha; a woman named Joyce; and other friends and family.
Pages 29-30: A color portrait of his "Navy Mom" Ellis, autographed in September 1944; an article about Bill joining the Navy; a photograph of his nephew, Spencie Jr.; a clipping of a poem; and a photograph of Bill "On liberty in D.C.", wearing his Navy uniform in the snow.
Pages 31-32: Various photographs of friends and family; images of the LCT 1364; and a clipping about NDS5.
Pages 33-34: Photographs of Bill in uniform and friends; and a clipping of an LCT with handwritten labels, explaining that this was similar to the LCT 1364 and showing where specific parts of the vessel were.
Pages 35-39: Handwritten account of Bill's "History" during the Okinawa Gunto operation. See media link for transcription.
Page 40: A letter from the Secretary of the Navy, dated June 6, 1946, thanking Bill for his Navy service and that he hopes Bill can take the skills and pride he learned in service into civilian life.
Pages 41-42: Christmas cards, including a romantic one from Martha.
Pages 43-44: A commencement program from Baylor School, 1944, for Earl "Dutch" Knight Magrath, Jr. (pictured earlier); a birthday card to Bill from Martha; a poem entitled "Suicide Dives;" and a political cartoon about Iwo Jima with a handwritten title, "Hot Rock."
Pages 45-46: A political cartoon about Okinawa with handwritten title below, "Stones Throw From Tokyo;" a birthday card and a greeting card, both from Martha (the greeting card is somewhat racist, as it features drawing of African Americans with captions in improper grammar).
Pages 47-48: A Birthday card to "Uncle" from Spencie; a Birthday from Bill's mother; a Christmas card; a Valentine's Day card from his mother; and a letter from Fergie.
Pages 49-50: Three Christmas cards and one Easter card.
Pages 51-56: Eleven greeting cards and a bubble gum comic strip.
Page 57: Handwritten song, entitled the "L.C.T. Blues." See Media Link for transcription.
Pages 58-59: Seven greeting cards (one of which is somewhat racist as it depicts Native Americans and improper grammar); and a poem from Bill's mother.
Page 60: Two index cards which certify Bill Lawson to operate Navy vehicles. See Media Link for full transcription. Also, there is a photograph of a group of Japanese children with three adults.
Page 61: A photograph of Bill's parents and family dog; two clippings (one has an image) about Bill's brother-in-law, Lt. Charles Spencer Campbell, when he received the Croix de Guerre award; a related clipping with image about Bill's sister and then four month old nephew, Spencer.
Page 62: A commencement program for Nance Magrath at Central High School; two photographs; and a cartoon.
Page 63: Clipping about Raymond D. Payne, Jr., who was from Chattanooga and served in the Navy; two photographs of Okinawans; one photograph of a temple, presumably in Okinawa; and a photograph of a "Balks(?) Bomb."
Page 64: Clipping about V-E Day in Chattanooga with an image of Market Street; clipping about Lt. C.S. Campbell, Bill's brother-in-law; and a newspaper cut-out image of Earl McGrath at Baylor.
Page 65: A Thanksgiving Menu from the Elsie Teeville Inn in Okinawa, November 22, 1945, and the food was supposed to be served by 50 "Beautiful Dancing Girls" from the Yonabaru Home for Wayward Girls (which may be what the image on page 17). There is also another cut-out image of Earl McGrath from Baylor in a football uniform; and a Christmas card.
Page 66: blank.
Page 67: Copy of the original letter about Bill's brother-in-law, Lt. Charles Spencer Campbell, being awarded to Croix de Guerre (see also page 61).
Page 68: A clipping honoring those who died in Iwo Jima.
Page 69: Clipping about a friend of Bill's, Ernie Pyle, who was killed in World War II; clipping about the history of the sailor uniform; and a clipping about the progress in Okinawa with a partial map of Japan.
Page 70: Clipping from Time Magazine about the Battle of the Pacific, with a handwritten title, "Iwo Jima."
Page 71: A letter to Bill from the Chattanooga Half Century Club, dated October 19, 1945, regarding his birthday.
Page 72: A Christmas Menu of the LCT Flotilla Thirty Five, Lieutenant F.A. Seeburger Commanding in Okinawa, from December 25, 1945. It mentions that there will not be dancing girls this time.
Page 73: Typewritten list of jokes, titled "Did you hear about the little moron that..." Page has become detached from scrapbook page.
Pages 74-78: blank.
Page 79-80: Is actually an oversized envelope, "Snaps and Scraps File Pocket: A Handy Container For clippings, photos, letters and memos." On the back (page 80 side) there is a handwritten note attached to the envelope that is barely legible. The envelope held all of the photographs and two archival items from 2003.056.003.a-o. They were taken out to preserve them.
Date 1945-1946
Dates of Creation 1945-1946
Extent of Description 12.13" x 9.25" x 1.33"
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Accession number 2003.056