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Object Name Paper
Catalog Number 2004.018.146.a-f
Collection Elsworth Brown Collection
Description All Items relate to John Brown.

Date range was determined by an educated guess; these documents were produced in the 1930's to mid 1940's when The Morris Plan Bank and the Rogers- Bailey Hardware store was in Chattanooga.

a. Hand drawn cartoon ad for John Brown Jr. and Leo Folkner's Esso service station. Drawn on Rogers- Bailey Supply Co letter head paper. Ad reads,"BROWN-FOLKNER SERVICE / 2225 Dayton Boulevard/ ESSO SERVICE, Our Stand-/
ard and the Standard of / the world. / Dear Mr. / All we need / is your / car / right / H E R E ! / JP Brown Jr / Leo Folkner (signatures).

b. Bank note from The Morris Plan Bank of Chattanooga for $100.00. Stating, " One year after date, for value recieved, we, the undesigned, jointly and severally promise to pay the order of THE MORRIS PLAN BANK OF CHATTANOOGA, at its office in Chattanooga the sum of ( One hundred----- 00/100 ) Dollars ($ 100 ), having deposited herewith as collateral security Installment Savings Certificate of Deposit of said Bank No. ________, accumulative in installents of $__2___ per __wk___ on ____ and _____. [ terms and conditions in fine print] Signatures and Addresses : 1.Leo W Folkner 108 Pinehurst Lane 2. J.P. Brown Jr 118 Narragansett Ave. 3. JPBrown Sr of Rogers- Baily Supply Co. Written in pencil on the back " Brown Folkner Service Station 2225 Dayton Blvd.

c. Roy Maddux Pep Service WOCO PEP GASOLINE Telephone 6-6712 Broad and Ninth Streets Chattanooga, TN __Dec 1__ JPBrown ___
" July 6 - 150
Mr. Brown
This is for 5 quarts of oil bought by your son is there any reason I should wait any longer for my money.
Roy "

d. J.P. Brown Jr. RED BANK STATION CHATTANOOGA, TENN. letter head paper. Drawing of a Blue Bird sitting on a branch of a tree on which a birdhouse hangs. Written below is a poem, " THE BLUE BIRD TELLS US THAT WINTER IS OVER AND SPRING HAS COME. HIS SONG SOUNDS LIKE THIS- "SPRING IS HERE- TRULY - TRULY- TRULY!" THE BLUE BIRD LIKES LOTS OF FRESH AIR. HE WANTS HIS HOUSE OPEN AT ONE END.

E. Business card, blue paper and blue ink. Gaylon Printing co 6-0412 (telephone graphic) 306 E. Eleventh St. Chattanooga, Tenn.

f (1,2). clean pages of Rogers- Bailey Hardware Co. Wholesale letter head paper.
Date 1930-1950
Extent of Description a. 11.00"x 8.625"
b. 8.625" x 6.6875"
c. 6.625" x 6.125"
d. 10.875" x 8.50"
e. 5.00" x 3.00"
f(1,2). 10.9375" x 8.375"
Accession number 2004.018