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Object Name Clipping, Newspaper
Catalog Number 2016.001.017.a-c
Description These items are all church related news of the southeastern states. One refers to a flood, the second to a missionary conference, the third to a death.

a(1-3) is a discolored newspaper clipping by Ezra M. Cox titled "AFTEREFFECTS OF THE FLOOD". The name of the newspaper appears nowhere on the clipping. The flood occurred on August 5, 1938, at Pittman Center, TN, isolated in the mountains near Sevierville. It was termed the worst in 75 years. Eight persons were killed, and property damage was extensive, including projects of the Methodist Episcopal Church Board of Home Missions and Church Extension, such as a sawmill, which were being developed there to assist impoverished mountain folk. A missionary doctor was on site as well, and the new hospital was untouched.

b) is an advertising card for a "Missionary Conference" at the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Camden, New Jersey, January 9-16, 1938. It is on white, heavy card paper with black print on only the front. It shows black & white pictures of the two featured ministers, Dr. J. S. Burnett "of the Tennessee Mountains" and Dr. R. H. Glover "of the China Inland Mission", both appearing to be older men. Two quotes open and close the information. The opening is Matthew 28:19: "Go ye therefore and teach all nations". The closing is by Wesley: "The world is my parish". The card is a bit faded, and there it has been bent into a fold at the center.

c(1,2) is a yellowed newspaper clipping by Ella Perryman and titled "AN APPRECIATION OF MRS. HUNNICUTT". The name of the newspaper does not appear on the clipping. It was written upon the passing of this elderly woman in Heflin, AL, 1939, whose picture appears at the top of the article. She is praised for a lifetime of service to the community, and especially to the "weary and service-worn circuit rider" (Methodist preacher) who "found sympathy and solace at the Hunnicutt home." A most complimentary statement was that "her spirit was that of a young and progressive woman." "Her soul just did not accept defeat." Relating to items a) and b) above, her funeral was held in the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Date 1938-1939
Extent of Description a(1-3) 13.00" x 2.50"
b) 7.00" x 4.00"
c(1,2) 14.50" x 4.50"
Accession number 2016.001