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Object Name Newspaper
Catalog Number 2014.004.044
Description The Chattanooga Daily Times -- April 5, 1886

The front page discusses the heavy rainfall and problems concerning mail delivery, railroads, and gas supply. The effect of the rainfall is very apparent with some districts being completely submerged. The Times posed a sense of optimism by stating gas was available, the mail embargo was lifted, and the first train would be arriving shortly. The mail arrived to the city by boat and several wagons were filled on the streets. The railroads were not able to resume operations until the water receded and the damaged tracks were fixed.
Advertisements include Hall's Hair Renewer, Joe Simpson's Clothing house, Wiser's Dye Works, Soddy Coal Company and Taylor's Cherokee Remedy. Feature about two of the richest cotton brokers on the New York exchange expelled.
Ads on page 3 include Pemberton's Coca Wine, Emery Shoe Co., Warner Bro's Corsets, and various medicine remedies.

Page 4 -- Conflict between strikers and officers in Fort Worth, Texas. The railroad arrival caused an uproar and the Knights of Labor are determined to stop all train traffic to win their battle. Foreign news concerning Britain. Ads for The People's Store (reduced prices for "flood sufferers") and Adams Bros. Architects.
Page 5-- States "from page 8" which means that this paper is not an original. A chart of the rainfall and height of the river in various Tennessee cities. Articles about Loudon, Cleveland and Nashville flood situations. Clothing stores were heavily advertising during this spring because people were not buying items after the destructive flood.

Page 6 --Davidson & Son's used the Knight of Labor strike for ad purposes. Willingham & Co. Lumber and Rosenau, Crutchfield & Co. Dry good ads listed. Columns for sale, for rent, wanted, lost, etc.

Page 7 -- Various religious articles mentioned. Commercial markets by telegraph. Ads for P.C. McNulty & Co., Hahn & Newman, R.L Watkin & Sons.

Page 8 -- A list of people who contributed to the Times relief fund. An article from Dr. P.D. Sims in March, 1875 that applies to the high water situation of 1886. Different churches had sermons on the flood.
Date 1886
Dates of Creation April 5, 1886
Extent of Description 22.00" x 15.50"
Accession number 2014.004