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Object Name Advertisement
Catalog Number 2014.001.113.a,b
Description a) These are two advertisements by the American Trust and Banking Company highlighting the bank's trust services. The first ad's headline reads "Your Heart Is Not a Safe Place For Your Will". The basic gist of the ad is that couples need to write out their wills and file them. If couples haven't done this, no amount of love will matter in the eyes of the law. The ad suggests stopping by a branch of American Trust and Banking to consult with their Trust Officer. This ad came from a September 28, 1935 issue of the Chattanooga Times and is affixed to cardboard. On the reverse side of this cardboard is affixed another ad by American Trust and Banking. This advertises mortgage loans to buy or build residential property or to carry on present mortgages. The ad encourages readers to come into the bank, where they will find interest rates "pleasingly moderate" and people thoroughly informed. This ad comes from a September 17, 1935 issue of the Chattanooga Times.
b) These are two advertisements by American Trust and Banking Company, and they are affixed to opposite sides of a piece of cardboard. The first ad is titled "Cold Cash Jones". The gist of this ad is that a character named Cold Cash Jones always carried his money on him because he liked to pay on the spot and didn't believe in "new fangled checks and short cuts." Then two things happened to Cold Cash. First he loses his roll with fifty one dollars in it, whether through his own clumsiness or through theft he doesn't know. Then he is called upon to pay a bill he knows he has already paid, but has no way to prove it. The ad concludes with a Cold Cash who, made wiser by his experiences,carries a check book. He says he saves time and money. The ad basically promotes opening a checking account and uses Cold Cash Jones to tout the advantages. This ad comes from a December 5, 1935 issue of the Chattanooga Times. On the reverse side of the piece of cardboard is another ad titled " Banks and the Younger Generation." The ad basically calls for young people, who they say are diligently planning and saving for a better future and "bigger America" to come by the bank and see how American Trust and Savings can be one of their tools to help them with their savings goals. This ad comes from a December 12, 1935 issue of the Chattanooga Times.
Date 1935
Extent of Description a) 5.88" x 4.75"
b) 6.00" x 4.75"
Accession number 2014.001