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Object Name Clipping, Newspaper
Catalog Number 2016.004.036.a-i
Collection Chattanooga News-Free Press Collection
Description Series of newspaper clippings from November and December 1953 related to the Coca-Cola Bottling plant strike assault on Frank McDonald and James E. Folkner, and the events that followed with accused Raymond Duke and William Hartman.

a) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, November 10, 1953, "Assault Case Motion Denied: Drivers Face Trial on Attach Charges," by Julius Parker. There was a motion for separate trials for two former drivers of Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling who participated in the attacks on the Home Store officials.
b) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, November 18, 1953, "Unionists Denied Trial Delay in Assault Case: Coca-Cola Drivers' Lawyers Claim Public Inflamed by Recent Violence," by Julius Parker. The lawyers for the two drivers charged with assault requested a continuance because they were worried that prospective jurors were prejudiced by newspapers and editorials. The motion was overruled.
c) Article, Chattanooga Times, November 18, 1953, "Ex-Coca-Cola Drivers are being tried today," reviews the events.
d1,2) Article, Chattanooga Times, November 19, 1953, "Assault Case Goes on Trial: Thumb prints taken off the window of Home Stores truck identified," by Gerry Reed. Covers the FBI testimony of the 25 similarities between the found prints and the prints of one of the accused. The attack was also described by an eyewitness.
e1,2) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, November 19, 1953, "Unionist's Fingerprint Evidence in Assault: FBI Man Links ex-Coca-Cola Driver to Attack on Home Stores Men," article very similar to d).
f1-3) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, November 19, 1953, "Drivers Offer Alibis in Denying Assault: Coca-Cola Workers Declare They Were Elsewhere at Time of Attack," by Julius Parker. Hartman and Duke contended they both had alibis for the time of the assault. Article details the rest of the case and is similar to d,e).
g1,2) Duplicate articles but both do not include the continuation of the second part of the article. Chattanooga News-Free Press, November 20, 1953, "Drivers Found Guilty in McDonald Assault:Duke Fined $100, Given Suspended 30-Day Sentence; Hartman Fined $50," by Julius Parker. The accused still had to face a felonious assault charge in connection with the attack of James Folkner. The attorneys of Hartman and Duke planned to file a motion for a new trial. g3) Additional copy of g1).
h1,2) Article, Chattanooga Times, November 20, 1953, "2 Found Guilty of Attacking McDonald During Walkout," by Harry Young. Article covers case and jury findings and rehashes some of the trial.
i1,2) Article, December 2, 1953, "Hartman, Duke Ask New Trials," newspaper not identified.
Date 1953
Dates of Creation November 10 - December 2, 1953
Extent of Description a) 9.00" x 2.13"
b) 13.00" x 4.00"
c) 3.50" x 2.00"
d1) 8.75" x 2.00"
d2) 11.13" x 2.00"
e1) 13.87" x 4.00"
e2) 11.38" x 2.00"
f1,2) 9.75" x 3.87"
f3) 17.50" x 2.00"
g1,3) 10.87" x 4.00"
g2) 5.50" x 4.00"
h1) 8.87" x 3.87"
h2) 12.50" x 2.00"
i1,2) 2.00" x 4.00"
Accession number 2016.004