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Object Name Booklet
Catalog Number 2014.001.108
Description This booklet was published to promote the new location of the American Trust and Savings Bank in Chattanooga,Tennessee. The booklet contains a list of the officers and directors of the company as well as their photographs. A brief history of the company is also included, noting that the bank was established January 15, 1912. By the end of the second year of business it became apparent that the bank would outgrow its original quarters, and in January 1914 a committee was appointed to find a suitable location for the new bank building. The committee eventually settled on the location of 734 Market Street. The building originally at that address was extensively remodeled and almost nothing of the original structure was retained other than outer walls. There is a long description of the new location, focusing on the three vaults which were designed for different purposes. The main vault was for the bank's cash and the customer's safety deposit boxes, and was secured by and eleven ton, twelve inch thick steel door. A second vault was designed to hold bulkier items like "the family's silver", artwork, heirlooms, etc. A third vault was for all kinds of records, including wills, estates, etc. The booklet also describes the convenient location of the new bank, located in the "heart of Chattanooga's business district." Modern amenities like a vacuum cleaner, graduated heating, an electric elevator, and private telephone exchange are noted as well. Descriptions of the different bank departments and their functions are included. Throughout the booklet are drawings(very realistic but not photographs) of the new bank building, including the main vault, the main banking floor and the meeting rooms. There are also photographs of the banks directors. Other than the date of the appointment of the committee that was charged with planning for a new location, January 1914, it is unclear when exactly the remodeling was begun or completed, or when the new location opened for business. It seems as though the remodel was completed by the time this booklet was published, mostly because the phrase "has been remodeled" is used, but there is no date of publication in the booklet itself. It is likely from 1915 as then is when the bank relocated. The booklet was printed by Purse Print of Chattanooga.
Date 1915
Dates of Creation 1915
Extent of Description 8.25" x 5.50"
Accession number 2014.001