Archive Record

Object Name Booklet
Catalog Number 2014.047.007
Description The item is a booklet with the title, "Fallout Protection What To Know And Do About Nuclear Attack." It was published by the Office of Civil Defense, a division of the U.S. Department of Defense. There are 48 pages in this booklet.

Page 1 is the title page.
Page 2 features the Department of Defense seal and the date of December, 1961.
Page 3 contains a short introduction with the title, "Concerning This Booklet," signed by Robert S. McNamara, U.S. Secretary of Defense.
Page 4 is blank.
Pages 5, 6, and part of 7 consist of an essay on the need for preparation.
Pages 7 and 8 feature definition of some terms associated with a nuclear explosion and its aftermath.
Pages 9 through 12 contain a listing of topics with the title, "Some Basic Facts." Such topics cover the effects of a five-megaton nuclear burst, the danger of fire storms, human exposure to radiation, the fact that radiation sickness is not contagious, long term effects of radiation, radiation in the air, how early fallout looks, the fact that no special clothing of special medicine can protect people from radiation, the need to get people into shelter as quickly as possible, and the uncertainty of how people may react to disaster.
Page 13 consists of a description of a five-megaton nuclear explosion.
Page 14 features a description of the creation and spread of fallout.
Pages 15 through 19 contain a description of community shelters.
Pages 20 through 23 consist of several types of home shelters.
Pages 23 through 26 feature several last minute, improvised shelters.
Pages 27 and 28 contain a list of shelter supplies.
Pages 29 through 37 consist of a listing of the issues to consider while living in a shelter, including clean water, radiation meters, food, ventilation, radiation sickness, first aid, sanitation, and control of vermin.
Pages 38 through 41 feature suggestions on cleaning up after fallout radiation has diminished.
Pages 42 through 46 contain various aspects concerning organizing for civil defense on the federal, state, and local levels.
Page 47 consists of a listing of associations which have developed plans for family shelters.
Page 48 is the back cover of the booklet, and it features the U.S. Department of Defense seal, along with the phrase "Department of Defense -- Office of Civil Defense."
Date 1961
Dates of Creation December, 1961
Extent of Description 7.75" x 5.25"
Accession number 2014.047