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Object Name Clipping, Newspaper
Catalog Number 2016.004.005.a-v
Collection Chattanooga News-Free Press Collection
Description Series of Chattanooga News-Free Press clippings about desegregation actions and protests in February 1960.

a1,2) "Officials Forced To Resort To Fire Hose As City Has Worst Racial Disturbance" Provides detailed account of congregation of blacks and whites during downtown "racial disturbance" and the use of water on the demonstrators. February 25, 1960.
b1,2) "Police To Continue Downtown Area Patrol; Mayor Praises Citizens As Tension Eases" Details increased police presence and the lack of protests occurring downtown, helped by school policies against student participation and calls for calm by ministers. Story supported by six photographs. February 26, 1960.
c) "Clock Strikes 5 And Loudspeaker Sounds Benediction To Good Day" A literary description of the police actions and lack of confrontation downtown. February 26, 1960.
d) "Ministers Meet, Call For Peace" Presents a statement developed by 15 ministers of three major religions appealing to citizens to stop violence and demonstrations so peace can be restored. Also includes a statement by the local NAACP supporting youth who participate in non-violent demonstrations. February 26, 1960.
e1,2) "Demand Received By School Board" Presents text of letter from three African American parents to the city school board demanding desegregation be instituted. February 26, 1960.
f1,2) "Few Bystanders; 150 Police, Firemen Keep Crowd Moving Along Market Street" Details police control of small crowds, arrests made, and plans for upcoming days. February 26, 1960.
g) Photograph with caption. Image shows Market Street during "quiet" day after previous day's raucous confrontation. February 26, 1960.
h) "NAACP Asks School Mix Bid Despite Riot" Details James Mapp's position that the NAACP's press for school integration would continue despite recent conflicts. February 26, 1960.
i) Photograph with caption. Image shows City High School Dean Jim Henry questioning three boys who were downtown. February 26, 1960.
j1,2) "Peace Returns To City; Students Off Streets, School Men Are Lauded" Details the actions school officials, principals, and teachers took to ensure students did not protest and stayed away from downtown. Includes three photographs. February 26, 1960.
k) "Officials Voice Gratitude For Day Without Incident" Details city, police, school, and religious leaders' relief that there were no demonstrations downtown. February 26, 1960
L1,2) "Mayor, Letson, Are 'Grateful'" Presents a statement by Mayor Olgiati and Superintendent Letson expressing their gratitude for the peaceful conduct of adults and youths. February 26, 1960.
m1,2) "Olgiati Appeals For Leadership" Details Mayor Olgiati's address to the Chattanooga Rotary Club appealing for bi-racial leadership to solve "its race problem." There was also discussion about "home rule" on tax bases for increased infrastructure and education expenses. February 26, 1960.
n1,2) "Downtown Quiet; Bolstered Police To Maintain Vigil" Relates the activities of police and school officials during second day of "quiet" in the downtown area, notes arrests that were made. February 27, 1960.
o) "Police Alert Kept Despite Friday Calm" Details continued police presence downtown on second day of "quiet." February 27, 1960.
p) "Atlanta Leader Here To Aid NAACP Suit" Notes the arrival of the Southeastern Regional Director of the NAACP, Ruby Hurley, and pending local demands for school integration. February 27, 1960.
q) "Notre Dame Expels 13 For Going Downtown" Details actions taken by the private Catholic high school against 13 of its students for disobeying its directive against being downtown. Also indicates lack of action needed by city schools. February 27, 1960.
r1,2) "18 Booked Here; Downtown Quiet" Details arrests made on Saturday despite calm in the downtown area and notes a false bomb threat to Howard School during a basketball game. Makes note of student expulsions at Notre Dame high school. Posts appreciation statement from Commissioner Dunlap regarding calm. Presents information about meeting regarding the non-violent protest movement to be lead by Ruby Hurley, Southeastern Regional Director of the NAACP, and James Lawson, of the Fellowship for Reconciliation. February 28, 1960.
s) "Local Police Easing Vigil" Details announcement by Commissioner Dunlap that fire trucks will no longer be posted downtown and fewer officers will be on patrols. February 29, 1960.
t) "NAACP Leader, Theology Student Say: 'Negro 'Sit-Ins' Not Planned, Gave Races Look At Selves" Details meeting lead by Rev. James Lawson, Vanderbilt University, and Ruby Hurley, Southeastern Regional Director of the NAACP, that was attended by some 400 African Americans. Also details a statement issued by the Committee for a Better Chattanooga outlining "points of progress in promoting better race relations." February 29, 1960.
u) "Police Continue Downtown Alert" Notes continued police presence downtown but with fewer officers and no fire trucks. February 29, 1960.
v) "'Sit-In' Purpose Told To Negroes; Nashville Minister States Strategy Is To Make Both Races Study Selves" Details meeting lead by Rev. James Lawson, Vanderbilt University, and Ruby Hurley, Southeastern Regional Director of the NAACP, that was attended by some 300-400 African Americans. Notes economic clout African Americans have in pressing for change and spontaneous involvement of youth in driving change. February 29, 1960.
Date 1960
Dates of Creation February 25, 1960 - February 29, 1960
Extent of Description a(1) 7.00" x 7.00"
a(2) 21.50" x 5.50"
b(1) 12.75" x 7.50"
b(2) 22.50" x 14.50"
c) 11.00" x 4.00"
d) 7.00" x 4.00"
e(1) 7.75" x 1.75"
e(2) 3.25" x 1.75"
f(1) 13.25" x 1.75"
f(2) 11.00" x 1.75"
g) 7.00" x 5.75"
h) 4.00" x 3.75"
i) 5.25" x 5.50"
j(1) 7.50" x 14.75"
j(2) 9.00" x 22.50"
k) 4.25" x 3.50"
L(1) 6.00" x 2.25"
L(2) 3.50" x 2.00"
m(1) 9.75" x 1.75"
m(2) 8.25" x 1.75"
n(1) 17.00" x 2.25"
n(2) 9.75" x 1.75"
o) 13.00" x 1.75"
p) 5.00" x 3.50"
q) 9.50" x 3.50"
r(1) 15.00" x 1.75"
r(2) 8.25" x 5.75"
s) 6.25" x 1.75"
t) 9.25" x 3.50"
u) 3.75" x 1.75"
v) 15.00" x 1.75"
Accession number 2016.004