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Object Name Clipping, Newspaper
Catalog Number 2016.004.030.a-s
Collection Chattanooga News-Free Press Collection
Description Clippings folder of articles about the Jimmy Hoffa trial aftermath.

a) Chattanooga Times, stamped October 4, 1966. "COURT WILL HEAR APPEAL BY HOFFA--Arguments May Open on Wednesday, Clerk of Tribunal Reports." No byline. Reports on how soon the Supreme Court will hear Hoffa's appeal. Also reports that Jacques Schiffer started serving his 60-day sentence for contempt on August 8.

b) Chattanooga Times, stamped October 4, 1966. "VERDICT ON AIDE TO HOFFA UPHELD--U.S. Court of Appeals Sustains Conviction by Lower Court." No byline. Reports that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld Chuck O'Brien's conviction in December of 1965. O'Brien, who had been taken in by Hoffa's family as a teenager when his father was killed in a traffic accident, was convicted of removing property from a government warehouse where it had been stored after an accident on the Detroit River.

c) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped October 5, 1966. Byline Robert T. Loughran, Chicago (UPI). "HOFFA'S 5-YEAR JAIL TERM UPHELD; APPEAL EXPECTED." Reports that a federal appeals court in Chicago has upheld Hoffa's August, 1964 conviction for conspiring to get $25 million out of the Teamsters pension fund using phony loan applications.

d) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped October 12, 1966."COURT HEARS HOFFA APPEAL--3 Others Involved in City Conviction." No byline. Reports that arguments started that day before the Supreme Court for Hoffa and three co-defendants, Ewing King, Thomas Parks, and Larry Campbell. Also appealing is Tommy Osborne, convicted in a separate trial in Nashville.

e) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped October 13, 1966. "HOFFA APPEAL CLAIMS PARTIN VIOLATED LAW--U.S. Supreme Court Hears Charge Against Chattanooga Trial Witness." Byline Washington. More about the issues raised in Hoffa's appeal concerning government informant Grady Partin's testimony in Chattanooga trial.

f1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped October 14, 1966. "HOFFA ATTORNEY SLAMS U.S. RUSE." Byline Washington (AP). Covers same ground as article (e).

g1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press?, written date 11-8-66. Byline Andrew R. M'Gill, Detroit (UPI). "HOFFA BESTS IRS ON TAXES--Claim of $106,226 Settled for $24,371." Reports that Hoffa settled an IRS claim that he owed taxes. The disagreement arose when Hoffa deducted attorney's fees arising from his Chattanooga and Chicago 1964 trials.

h) Chattanooga News-Free Press?, stamped October 16, 1966. No byline. "HOFFA JURY CHARGE AGAIN CONTINUED." It refers to a separate count of jury-tampering still unresolved stemming from the 1962 Nashville trial. It reports that Judge Frank Wilson has filed a continuation for the 5th time. For some reason this charge was severed from the four other charges tried in Chattanooga.

i) Chattanooga Times, stamped November 23, 1966. "JUDGE TO PONDER MEDLIN'S APPEAL--Man Indicted with Hoffa Asks Probation, Citing Business Reasons." Lawrence Medlin, Nashville sandwich shop operator, who was convicted in Nashville in a separate trial for jury-tampering involving Hoffa, is requesting his sentence be commuted to probation so he doesn't have to serve his 18-month sentence.

j) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped November 23, 1966. "SANDWICH MAN ISSUES PLEA--Given Term for Jury Tampering." Covers same ground as article (i).

k) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped November 29, 1966. "WILSON DENIES MEDLIN PLEA--Sought Suspension of Prison Term." No byline. Reports that Judge Wilson denied Medlin's request, but did make him eligible for parole at discretion of parole board.

l1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped December 12, 1966. "WILSON GAVE 8-YEAR TERM, $10,000 FINE--Jail Seen Likely for Teamster Chief in Jury Tampering." Byline Washington (UPI). The Supreme Court upheld Hoffa's conviction and sentence. In a related case, the Court also upheld the conviction of Nashville attorney Z. T. Osborn.

m1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped December 13, 1966. Byline Irby Park Jr., " 'UPHOLD' PUTS HOFFA IN TOUGHEST SPOT--Has Until Jan. 6 to Ask Rehearing; Seen Likely to Lose, Go to Jail." Reports that his only hope is to petition the Supreme Court to rehear his appeal, but that's highly unlikely. Will possibly report to prison within six weeks, but even in jail will still be in charge of Teamsters union. This article gives an excellent recap of all events leading up to the trial.

n) Chattanooga Times, stamped December 13, 1966. "HOOKER 'CERTAIN' OF HOFFA RESULT--Prosecutor in Case Here, Sen. Kennedy Comment on Ruling by Court." No byline. John J. Hooker of Nashville, chief prosecutor in Chattanooga trial, says he was confident all along that Hoffa's conviction would be upheld.

o1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped December 13, 1966. "WILSON IS SILENT--Three Codefendants Also Lose--Associates and Aides Go Into Huddle." Byline Fred Hixson. Covers same ground as article (m), but also explores the reasoning of Justice Earl Warren, who was the lone dissent in upholding Hoffa's conviction.

p1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped December 15, 1966. Byline Detroit (AP). "TEAMSTERS PLAN HOLIDAY TO PROTEST HOFFA RULING." Reports that the Detroit Teamsters will call a 24-hour work stoppage to protest Supreme Court ruling.

q1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped December 30, 1966. Byline Fred Hixson. "SEEKS WIRETAP EVIDENCE FOR HOFFA, CITES THREAT." Hoffa's request for info about government's use of wiretaps against him led a New Hampshire newspaper to offer a cash reward for information. Former Chattanoogan James D. East claimed he'd been paid some $2,000 and then was threatened by unidentified men to return it. He requested a police escort to take him to the airport.

r) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped December 30, 1966. "HOFFA HELP PAY DISPUTED--East, Newspaper Row Over Money." James M. Molloy, a Boston lawyer representing the Manchester Union Leader newspaper, says James East didn't provide the promised information and they wanted their $2,000 back.

s) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped December 31, 1966. "WIRE-TAP HUNT ENDS--Search for Hoffa Evidence Involved." More about the dispute between James East and the Manchester Union Leader newspaper. See also (q) and (r).
Date 1966
Dates of Creation October 4-December 31, 1966
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g1) 1.75" x 3.50"
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m2) 5.50" x 22.50"
n) 1.75" x 7.75"
o1) 2.00" x 14.00"
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p1) 3.63" x 5.75"
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q1) 3.50" x 6.38"
q2) 3.50" x 9.75"
r) 1.75" x 7.00"
s) 2.25" x 15.50"
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