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Object Name Clipping, Newspaper
Catalog Number 2016.004.029.a-x
Collection Chattanooga News-Free Press Collection
Description Clippings folder of articles about the Jimmy Hoffa trial aftermath.

a) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped May 4, 1966. "FEDERAL JURY BACK AT WORK -- Matters in Hoffa Case Believed Eyed." Byline Irby Park Jr. Reports that a half-dozen local bank officials were called as witnesses. No indication as to the testimony. DOJ attorney Michael Epstein conducted the session.

b) Chattanooga Times, stamped May 5, 1966. "BANKERS APPEAR IN JURY INQUIRY --Federal Panel Continues Probe of Affidavits in Hoffa Appeal." Byline Fred Hixson. Covers same ground as (y), but names the banks involved: Hamilton National Bank, American National Bank, Pioneer Bank, First Federal Savings & Loan, and Rossville Federal Savings & Loan. Also called was F. W. Morris, special agent of the FBI.

c1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped May 23, 1966. "WIDER PROBE BY JURY SEEN -- Investigation Slated to Resume Tuesday." Byline Irby Park Jr. Reports that the special grand jury convened in January, 1966 was widening the scope of its investigation into Hoffa's motions for a new trial. Federal investigators Alfred King and Donald Page Moore were spearheading the investigation.

d) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped June 6, 1966. Byline Neil Gilbride, Washington. "TEAMSTERS' UNION REBELS AT HOFFA CARETAKER PLAN." Reports of a split in the union between Frank Fitzsimmons, Hoffa's chosen successor, and Harold Gibbons, Hoffa's former executive assistant who broke with him in 1963.

e) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped June 8, 1966. "HOFFA MOVES TO CRUSH FOE-- Support Denied Aide in 'Successor' Bid." Byline Neil Gilbride, Washington. Covers Hoffa's maneuvering against Harold Gibbons in the question of who will take over if Hoffa goes to prison.

f) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped June 14, 1966. "HOFFA PLANNING TO KEEP TEAMSTER REINS IF JAILED." Byline Neil Gilbride, Washington. Covers more parliamentary maneuvering by Hoffa anticipated at the July 4, 1966 Teamsters' convention in Miami.

g) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped June 16, 1966. "LAWYER RAPS HOFFA TRIAL--Claims Publicity Here Hurt Case." No byline. Hoffa's attorney, Maurice Welsh, argued at U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago that Hoffa's conviction of conspiracy and fraud in Chicago six months after his Chattanooga conviction, should be thrown out due to pre-trial publicity from Chattanooga trial.

h1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped June 29, 1966. "PROSTITUTE AND BELLMAN GIVE TESTIMONY TO GRAND JURY REGARDING HOFFA TRIAL." Byline Fred Hixson. Admitted prostitute Marie Monday and Ellis Hotel bellman Robert L. Bigoms testified in closed session of the grand jury.

h3) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped June 29, 1966. "SPECIAL U.S.JURY HEARS PROSTITUTE, HOTEL BELLMAN." No byline. Short version of story (h1,2).

i1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 4, 1966. " 'ANTILABOR FORCES' IN GOVERNMENT, PRESS 'SMEAR TACTICS' HIT BY HOFFA." Byline Neil Gilbride, Miami Beach. Has photo of Hoffa and Frank Fitzsimmons at Teamsters convention in Miami. Hoffa blames the media and the government for his legal problems. It reports that Hoffa is sure to win re-election to another 5-year term, and if he goes to jail, Frank Fitzsimmons will take over as temporary successor. No opposition seen.

j1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped July 4, 1966. "TEAMSTERS MAY GIVE HOFFA RAISE OF $25,000 THIS WEEK." Byline Miami Beach. It reports that Hoffa will probably get a raise to bring his yearly salary to $100,000, making him the highest paid union chief ever.

k1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 6, 1966. "TEAMSTERS' BILL TOTALS $1,006,500-- Protesting Member Shouted Down by 2,000 at Meeting." Byline Miami. The Teamsters voted to pay over $1 million for Hoffa's legal expenses. The resolution also authorizes to pay all future legal expenses. One member, Larry Thomas of Local 596 in Philadelphia, objected, but was shouted down. However, there is grumbling among the 13 Teamster vice presidents about what will happen if Hoffa goes to jail.

l1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 7, 1966. "LEGAL FUTURE CLOUDY ON HOFFA COURT COSTS--Convention Decision Conflicts with Suit Filed Under U.S. Labor Law." Byline Washington. Reports that Teamster local 107 in Philadelphia filed suit in May, 1964 claiming that paying Hoffa's legal fees violates the Landrum-Griffin Act.

m) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 8, 1966. "HOFFA VOTED 5-YEAR TERM--Job Security Given If He's Imprisoned." The convention gave him everything he wanted.

n1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped July 8, 1966. "HOFFA RE-ELECTED FOR 5 YEARS, HAND PICKS POSSIBLE SUCCESSOR." Byline Miami Beach. Covers same ground as (m).

o1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped July 10, 1966. "GROCERY CHAINS ON HOFFA AGENDA." Byline David R. Jones, Miami Beach. Reports that Hoffa intends to unionize leading grocery chains and large dairies in 1967.

p1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 30, 1966. "HOFFA OFFERS $25,000 REWARD ON 'BUGGING'--Says Believes U.S. Agents Involved in Wire Taps, Theft of Documents." Byline Irby Park Jr. Reports that Hoffa is running ads in the Free Press to that effect.

q1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped July 31, 1966. "HOFFA OFFERING $25,000 REWARD FOR INFORMATION--Wants Leads on Use of Eavesdropping in '64 Trial Here." Covers same ground as (p). Adds that Hoffa also eavesdropped on the prosecution, hiring Bernard Spindel of New York to intercept wireless communications of the FBI and U.S. Marshals. Defense attorney Jacques Schiffer managed to get transcripts entered as sealed evidence during the trial here, earning a 60-day sentence for contempt of court.

r) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped August 16, 1966. "UNION OFFICIAL URGES RE-JAILING OF HOFFA." Byline Nashville. Nashville Teamster leader Don Vestal charged that Hoffa's faction had threatened Nashville Teamsters, and that Hoffa's bail should be revoked.

s) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped August 20, 1966. "2 TEAMSTERS BARE OFFERS--Say Promised Life Setup for Hoffa Aid." Byline Nashville. Two Nashville union officials, Don Vestal and Earl Wingo, claim Hoffa assistant James Harding bribed them to get Nashville policeman Robert D. Vick to swear he was a paid informer for the government.

t) Chattanooga Times, stamped August 24, 1966. "NASHVILLE HUNTS TEAMSTERS FILES--Vestal, Foe of Hoffa, in Appeal to Police for Financial Records." Nashville byline. Reports that Don Vestal, presidents of Teamsters Nashville Local 327, says that 1964 and 1965 records for the local have disappeared following an audit by the national Teamsters office. The records were locked in an office on Friday and come Monday, the door was open and the records gone.

u) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped September 12, 1966. "HOFFA PLEA DUE OCT. 10--U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Argument." Reports that the court will consider Hoffa's appeal on his Chattanooga conviction.

v) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped September 15, 1966. "HOFFA PLEAS IN OCTOBER--High Court to Hear Conviction Appeal." Expands on article (u).

w) Chattanooga Post, dated in ink on front, 9-16-66. However printed date is Sep. 15, 1966. "HIGH COURT TO HEAR HOFFA CASE OCT. 12." Byline Washington (AP). Same as article (v) but longer.

x1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped September 27, 1966. "COURT HEARS HOFFA APPEAL--U.S. Denies Jury Fixing Charges." Byline Washington (AP). The DOJ is arguing that the Constitution does not protect a man who falsely relies on a friend's faithfulness. Hoffa maintains that the testimony of Edward G. Partin violated his right of due process, as Partin was privy to confidential conversations between Hoffa and his lawyers.
Date 1966
Dates of Creation May 4-September 27, 1966
Extent of Description a) 1.75" x 11.00"
b) 2.13" x 9.38"
c1) 1.75" x 4.75"
c2) 2.25" x 8.00"
d) 4.00" x 12.38"
e) 1.75" x 10.25"
f) 3.63" x 9.50"
g) 2.00" x 11.50"
h1) 6.00" x 7.75"
h2) 5.75" x 10.00"
h3) 4.00" x 4.00"
i1) 5.50" x 6.50"
i2) 6.00" x 5.25"
j1) 3.50" x 2.75"
j2) 2.25" x 9.75"
k1) 2.50" x 10.25"
k2) 1.75" x 15.00"
l1) 3.50" x 4.00"
l2) 1.75" x 11.50"
m) 1.25" x 6.00"
n1) 4.00" x 5.00"
n2) 2.25" x 13.00"
o1) 1.75" x 6.50"
o2) 1.75" x 8.50"
p1) 3.63" x 6.50"
p2) 1.75" x 5.38"
q1) 1.87" x 13.00"
q2) 3.75" x 11.00"
r) 4.00" x 12.00"
s) 2.50" x 9.75"
t) 2.25" x 13.00"
u) 2.13" x 4.25"
v) 1.87" x 8.00"
w) 5.75" x 5.50"
x1) 1.75" x 6.75"
x2) 1.75" x 5.75"
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