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Collection The Chattanooga Venture Collection
Description Various loose documents that were found in the Chattanooga Venture binder (2012.048.305.a).

b) This is a sheet of paper entitled "Chattanooga Venture Statements" which has various quotes from Chattanooga Venture brochures, annual reports, and news (Venture News paper) which state the goals of Venture. There is a statement listed for the years 1983, 1984, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, and 1993, showing the changing goals of the organization with the passing years. There is also a statement of purpose for Vision 2000 and Revision 2000. They are plain and obvious statements, for example: 1989: "Our mission is to make Chattanooga the best mid-sized city in America." Annual Report, 1989.

c) Document c is a letter written from Deaderick C. Montague (Rick Montague) to Eleanor Cooper, on June 18, 1991. In the letter, Rick urges Eleanor to become the leader of Chattanooga Venture saying that "Venture is hungry for leadership... We need you to lead it. Just be a strong leader and we will follow." After going to a meeting the day before he wrote the letter, Rick made it clear that he felt that what was really lacking in Venture at this time was "the story telling which establishes context, history, vision, and emerging plans. Venture ought to be a repository, a storyteller, a repeater, a motivator... but this half of the equation has been forgotten." Thus, he tells Eleanor that she is the storyteller that Venture needs.

d) This document is entitled "Time Table" and shows the progress and activities that happened between the years of 1980 and 1988. The progress and activities are shown in 5 distinct areas: 1. Political, Economic, Social History
2. Cultural & Social Life- The Arts
3. New Organizations/Leadership
4. Reconstruction/Urbanization/Restoration
5. Building Awareness - Education Programs

e) This shows the results of a survey that Vision 2000 took of "250 organizations to determine projects and programs which address the 40 goals from Vision 2000 and the investment they represent." Ultimately, the survey seems to be trying to demonstrate that the public taxpayers would actually greatly benefit from the implementation of these various goals even though they would have to pay from them. It shows and focuses mainly on the huge gap between that amount invested by private individuals and organizations and that invested by the public; an almost 400,000$ gap.

f) This is a sheet of "1984 Facts" taken from the Rand McNalley Almanac, the Batelle Corporation for the Chattanooga Area Economic Development Corporation, and excerpt by Gianni Longo. Overall, the facts seem to state negative things about the city in 1983-1984, although one comment made was that the quality of life in Chattanooga was diverse and high. Other than that, other facts include "people feel that in most of the decisions involving the community are made by a relatively small group of people" (Batelle Corporation), and "there is a noticeable lack of communication between the city's leadership and the citizens at large" (Gianni Longo).

g) Document g is a fairly condensed version of the Commitment Opportunity Workbook and offers one the goals of Vision 2000 considered to be "big ones." Again, a similar organizational structure is employed, dividing the goals into 6 separate categories (Future Alternatives, Places, People, Work, Play, and Government) and providing a list of the 40 most important goals.

h) This is a list of the "Venture Task Forces and Affiliated Groups." There are several organizations and groups that help/support/fund some or many of the goals of Chattanooga Venture, examples being: Family Resource Center, The Bessie Smith Hall, AIDS Foundation, and Association for Visual Arts. All of the organizations and groups have a list of the both the people in upper positions, such as Chairmen, Executive Directors, etc., and those who participate in some other branch of the organization (treasury, committees, volunteers, etc.).
Date 1990s
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