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Description Chattanooga Venture binder. The 60 pages scanned were found in the Chattanooga Venture binder and are scanned in that order.

This is the Commitment Opportunity Workbook for Chattanooga Venture. As stated by the directors of Chattanooga Venture in the opening pages of the workbook, "the Commitment Opportunity Workbook provides a brief sketch of the goals and objectives developed by the 1,000 participants in the Vision 2000 process." The Chattanooga Venture Board will then proceed to review the goals and objectives developed and create a plan to begin initiating some or all of them. The workbook is first divided into 6 areas in which improvement or action needs to be taken according to the participants. Under each of the 6 categories are several goals that all have descriptions on how they should/could be implemented, who the would benefit in the community, and the "potential venturers", or those organizations who could help fund/direct the goal. The following is an example of how the workbook is laid out within these categories, with a few (but certainly not all) of the goals under each:
1. Future Alternatives:
- Create a positive self image for Chattanooga/Hamilton County.
- Capitalize on Chattanooga's history and natural beauty to make it a regional cultural center.
- Reinforce Chattanooga's role as a center for small conventions and family tourism.

2. Places:
- Establish a comprehensive riverfront development plan.
- Develop a coordinated, economically sound, public/private transport system.
- Implement a comprehensive plan to alleviate substandard housing through neighborhood revitalization.

3. People:
- Create a wellness campaign to encourage individual responsibility for personal health care.
- Provide a comprehensive Family Violence and Rape Crisis Program and a spouse abuse shelter.
- A strengthened day care system to provide additional, affordable care for infants and toddlers under three and for children in special situations.

4. Work:
- To create a more fertile climate for local business, to promote faster growth of new enterprises and to encourage stronger development of existing business and industry.
- To assure the availability of a labor force which is equipped with knowledge and skills required for present and future employment opportunities.
- Build an inventory of developed, prezoned sites for new business and industry to provide a greater selection of prospective investors.

5. Play:
- Restore, renovate, and update the Tivoli Theatre as an activity anchor downtown.
- Bessie Smith Preservation Hall on M.L. King Boulevard.
- Develop more urban and neighborhood parks. Encourage more walking, biking, and jogging trails. Emphasize full recreation centers. Redevelop Warner Park.

6. Government:
- To consolidate those government services which will result in cost economies and better service to the people in our community.
- To encourage young people to make Chattanooga/Hamilton County their home by providing an enhanced quality of life and greater youth involvement in important issues.
- To support law enforcement which is more responsive to the needs and values of the entire community.

In conclusion, the workbook offers a short summary and a Commitment Opportunities Worksheet that tracks the progress of the various goals stated.
Date 1990s
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