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Object Name Clipping, Newspaper
Catalog Number 2016.004.079.a-aa
Collection Chattanooga News-Free Press Collection
Description a) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, dated 1-1-62. "SOU. RR HITS TVA POSITION -- Grain Rate Issue Provokes Statement." Byline Washington. Southern vice president D. W. Brosman has issued a statement criticizing TVA's objection to lowering freight rates for grain. The Interstate Commerce Commission is set to meet Jan. 8, 1962 on this issue.

b1,2) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped January 7, 1962. "HEARINGS COMING ON GRAIN RATES." Article rehashes the pros and cons of the drastic rate cut proposed by Southern and opposed by TVA.

c) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped January 8, 1962. "SR RATE DROP GOES TO ICC -- TVA Heads Fight Against Cost Change." Byline Steven Gerstel, Washington. Reports that the ICC hearing has begun. Adds that TVA is allied with the State Corporation of Kansas, and the boards of trade of Kansas City, Indianapolis and Chicago in opposing the rate cut.

d) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped January 9, 1962. "SOUTHERN BEGINS RATE-CUT APPEAL BEFORE ICC GROUP -- Railway Cites New Jumbo Box Cars in Defending Grain Proposal." Byline Washington. More about the pros and cons of the rate cut.

e) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped January 24, 1962. "NEW CEILING HIDES OLD ROOF AT TERMINAL STATION." Photos with cutlines of the new dropped ceiling in the terminal station (now the Choo-Choo) installed to "modernize" the building and reducing heating costs.

f1,2) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped February 23, 1962. "RAIL BID MAY END MILL WORK HERE -- Seaboard, Dixie Portland 'Concerned' Over Grain Rate Proposals." Byline Fred Schneider. Reports that flour mills also oppose the rate cut, in statements made by Seaboard General Manager/Treasurer Richard Myers and Dixie Portland General Manager John B. Stout.

g1,2) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped March 6, 1962. "GRAIN FIRMS SEE ECONOMY THREAT IN RAIL PROPOSAL -- City in Danger of Losing 700 Jobs, $4-Million Payroll, Holt Says." Cooper T. Holt, executive director of Tennessee River and Tributaries Assn., sees disaster ahead for Chattanooga if the ICC grants Southern the rate cut.

h) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped March 26, 1962. "GRAIN RATES CUT OPPOSED -- Guntersville Joins Plea to Halt Slash." More organizations testify opposing the rate cut. The ICC began its hearing on Jan. 8 and it's now in its 13th week.

i) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped March 27, 1962. "ICC ASKED TO BAR GRAIN RATE CUTS -- Petition Requests Delay in Southern Action Until Case is Decided." Reports that the rate cut will automatically go into effect July 8, 1962 regardless if the ICC hasn't made a final decision by then. The petitioners don't think the ICC will be able to review all the testimony by that date, as there are already 6,000 pages on the record.

j) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped April 4, 1962. "SOUTHERN ERRED OFFICIAL CLAIMS -- Economist Says Railway's Estimates on Grain are Inaccurate." Dr. Richard Phillips, a senior agricultural economist with Agri Research, Inc. in Kansas testified that Southern is grossly overestimating the amount of grain shipments moving by truck and their figures are bogus.

k) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped May 1, 1962. "MAYOR FEARS RATES EFFECT -- Tells ICC Grain Cut Would Hurt Region." Byline Mary Ann Pardue, Washington. Mayor Olgiati testifies at ICC hearing saying Chattanooga will lose under rate cut proposal.

l1,2) Article, Chattanooga Times, dated 5-1-62. "OLGIATI ATTACKS GRAIN PROPOSAL; IS ICC WITNESS." Byline Charles Bartlett, Washington. Covers same ground as (k).

m) Article, Chattanooga Times, dated 5-5-62. "3 FEED MILL MEN OPPOSE RAIL BID -- Southern Proposal Would Cause Chaos in Grain Industry, They Say." Byline Washington. More testimony against the rate cut by E. W. Mudd of Western Grain of Birmingham AL, Castor Jarvis owner of the Cedartown GA Feed Mill, and T. B. Martin Jr. of the Standard Feed Mills of Gainesville GA.

n) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped May 2, 1962. "GRAIN RATES FIGHT PUSHED -- Southern Expounds as Hearing Resumed." Byline Washington. This article is a good recap of the various interests involved, their reasoning for and against, and their points of view. Quotes opposing the rate cut by E. W. Mudd, vp of Western Grain Co. of Birmingham AL, Charles J. McCarthy of TVA, and Wesley A. Rogers of Chicago Waterways Freight Bureau.

o1,2) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped June 25, 1962. "ICC QUERIED BY SOUTHERN -- Okay Asked to Buy Central of Georgia." Byline Washington. Southern is asking for final approval on their request to buy the Central of Georgia freight carrier from the St. Louis & San Francisco railway. (See also articles 2016.004.076.j, and 2016.004.077.g, h, i)

p) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 10, 1962. "TVA DISPUTED ON GRAIN RATE -- Southern Denies Bad River Traffic Effect." Byline Washington. Robert S. Hamilton, Southern vp in charge of transportation research, testifies before the ICC.

q) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, dated July 18, 1962. Photo with caption "SOUTHERN RAILWAY EQUIPMENT DISPLAY..." Reports that Southern is displaying 5 new types of rail cars at the freight station at Newby and Market Streets. Open to the public. Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

r) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped July 18, 1962. "SOUTHERN PLANS RAILROAD DISPLAY -- EXHIBIT OPENS TODAY." Same report as article (q). Also reports that D. William Brosnan, president of Southern Railway, will address the Chattanooga Rotary Club at the Hotel Patten.

s) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 18, 1962. "SOUTHERN RAILWAY PLANNING SHOW OF NEW ROLLING STOCK." Covers same ground as articles (q) and (r).

t) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped July 19, 1962. "ROSS-MEEHAN BIG SUPPLIER FOR SOUTHERN EQUIPMENT." Article with two photos about how our local foundry supplies parts for rail cars like the ones currently on display. Also reports on a ceremony awarding a safety prize to Floyd Edmonson, a Ross-Meehan employee. No photo credits.

u) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 19, 1962. "SOUTHERN PRESIDENT SAYS RAILROAD SEEKS COMPETITION, NOT REGULATION -- Brosnan Tells Rotary of 'Free Enterprise'." Byline Marianne T. Ozmer. Reports on the address to the Rotary Club given by D. W. Brosnan the previous day. Has a photo of Brosnan with Hugh Huffaker, Rotary president, and Frank S. Worthington, vp of Southern Railway. Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

v1,2) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped July 20, 1962. "FEDERAL CONTROL THREATENS CARRIERS, BROSNAN WARNS." Another report on D. W. Brosnan's speech to the Chattanooga Rotary Club.

w) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped July 31, 1962. "HEARING SET ON GRAIN RATE -- Motion Tomorrow on Halting Attempt." Byline Birmingham. The city of Gunthersville AL, Arrow Transportation, and grain operator O. J. Walls have filed suit in federal court to stop the grain rate reduction set to go in effect on Aug. 7 unless the ICC rules against it. Judge Clarence Allgood will hear motions.

x) Article, Chattanooga Times, stamped September 17, 1962. "EXHIBITS BY SOUTHERN OF 'CUSTOM' FREIGHT UNITS SET HERE FRIDAY." Reports on another freight car exhibit of 14 new designs at 1300 Market Street. Open to the public.

y) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped September 20, 1962. "SOUTHERN CAR DISPLAY HERE." Covers same ground as article (x), but with photos. Photo credit Jim Mooney.

z) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped November 16, 1962. "SAVINGS AIM OF SOUTHERN -- Post-Hearing Brief in Grain Rate Case." Reports that the ICC hearings concluded in August, 1962. Southern is filing another brief with the ICC. It also proposes to reduce grain shipping rates on single-car shipments in addition to reducing volume rates.

aa1,2) Article, Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped December 6, 1962. "SOUTHERN CAN BUY C OF G -- ICC Says Merger Due in 35 Days." Byline Washington. Final approval by the ICC on Southern's purchase of controlling interest of Central of Georgia. (See also 2016.004.079.o.)
Date 1962
Dates of Creation January 1 - December 6, 1962
Extent of Description a) 5.50" x 11.00"
b1) 5.38" x 6.50"
b2) 3.50" x 5.50"
c) 3.50" x 11.00"
d) 2.25" x 14.25"
e) 5.25" x 9.00"
f1) 1.75" x 7.00"
f2) 1.75" x 10.00"
g1) 2.25" x 14.75"
g2) 1.75" x 4.00"
h) 1.75" x 17.00"
i) 1.75" x 11.50"
j) 1.75" x 12.25"
k) 7.25" x 10.75"
l1) 1.75" x 8.75"
l2) 5.75" x 2.75"
m) 1.75" x 12.75"
n) 3.75" x 13.00"
o1) 2.25" x 9.50"
o2) 1.75" x 5.50"
p) 2.25" x 9.50"
q) 7.00" x 8.25"
r) 1.75" x 12.50"
s) 4.00" x 4.75"
t) 5.75" x 10.75"
u) 5.50" x 8.75"
v1) 3.50" x 7.63"
v2) 1.75" x 8.50"
w) 1.75" x 6.50"
x) 1.75" x 8.75"
y) 7.00" x 16.00"
z) 2.25" x 6.00"
aa1) 1.75" x 4.00"
aa2) 1.75" x 2.50"
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