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Object Name Note
Catalog Number 2004.018.364.a-d
Collection Elsworth Brown Collection
Description This set consists of assorted notes that belonged to Elsworth Brown.

(a) is Page 181 of a typewritten report. This portion of the report concerns the Andrews Raiders, who stole a Confederate train just north of Atlanta on April 12, 1862, and almost made it to Chattanooga before they were captured. This particular page summarized the fate of those who participated. Seven, including the leader, James J. Andrews, were executed in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 7, 1862. Eight escaped from Confederate custody on October 16, 1862, and eventually made it back to Union-held territory. Six returned to Union territory in a prisoner exchange later on an undetermined date.

(b) is Page 182 of the same typewritten report as to which (a) belongs. This particular page listed Confederate pursuers of the Andrews Raiders. Only three are listed by name: William Fuller, Jeff Cain, and Anthony Murphey. Additional participants were simply described as "others at different periods along the way." They used three locomotive engines: The "William R. Smith," The "Yonah," and The "Texas."

(c) is a brief typewritten history of Fort Recovery in Mercer County, Ohio. General Anthony Wayne's troop built Fort Recovery during the winter of 1793-94, and it played a role in the decisive defeat of the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers on August 20, 1794. The aftermath of the battle was the Treaty of Greenville, which secured the area of the future state of Ohio for United States settlement.

(d) is a listing of sources for researching military artillery for the period 1730 - 1760.

There is no other description or date accompanying these notes, but they were grouped with other items from the 1950s, hence the estimate for the date.
Date 1955 circa
Dates of Creation circa 1955
Extent of Description (a,b) 11.00" x 8.50"
(c) 4.00" x 8.50"
(d) 3.00" x 5.00"
Accession number 2004.018