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Object Name Poem
Catalog Number 2011.036.064.a,b
Collection Crutchfield letters Collection
Description Song lyrics entitled "The Polk Stalk Bugle", intended to be sung to the tune of "The Bard's Legacy". An eleven verse campaign song written by a Southern Polk supporter. The song goes into great detail referencing personal and political histories of both the candidates. Embossed on the page is "J H Walsh & Sons Newburgh". The top portion has been separated from the bottom portion and are cataloged as a and b respectively.

Henry Clay did not want to annex Texas for fear that it would bring up the issue of slavery again. His vice president was an abolitionist. Clays was also known for his protective tariff called the "American System" or "the American Way", which imposed a large tax on imported goods.

Other references in the song include:
Cooney: Cooney Clay was a nickname for Henry Clay
Dallas: Polk's Vice President
Frelinghusen: Clay's Vice President
Ashland: Clay's home in Lexington, Kentucky
Slashes: The area he was born in was known as the Slashes he worked at the mill as a young man.
Swindler of Jackson: Clay ran against Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and William H. Crawford in the 1824 election. Since no candidate received a majority, the house was forced to decide between the two front runners, Jackson and Adams. As senator of Kentucky, Clay gave his states votes to Adams. Jackson supports accused Clay and Adams of a conspiracy after Adams appointed Clay to be Speaker of the House.
Date 1843-1845
Extent of Description a,b) 6.50" x 15.75"
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Accession number 2011.036