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Object Name Letter
Catalog Number 2004.018.147.a-d
Collection Elsworth Brown Collection
Description All Items relate to John Brown.

a(1). envelope addressed from Mr. J.P. Brown % Rogers-Bailey Supply Co., 1146 Market Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sender : G.C. Foster Interior Warehouse Co. Box 836 Pendleton, Oregon. Post Marked Pendelton, Oregon Feb 2 7PM 1940. United States postage stamp- 6 cents.
a(2). The letter is discussing a trade of a cash of arrow heads between the two men. G.C. Foster goes on to speak about the Umatilla Indian Reservation and the character and intelligence of the Umatilla. Foster recommends Brown borrow and read the "Handbook of Aboriginal American Antiquities," part one, written by Holmes.

b(1). envelope addressed to J.P. Brown 1146 Market St. Chattanooga, Tenn. Post marked Jan 7 P.M. Saint Bethlehem Tenn. 3 cents postage.
b(2) The letter from A.V. Goodpasture to J.P. Brown is discussing Native Americans: Dragging Canoe, White Owl, Aua KullaKulla and their relationships between one another and the Americans and the British. He also asks for a subscription to "Old Frontiers" when it is published. He mentions that he enclosed a picture of Aua KullaKulla , taken from the Montague group.

c. Letter written from "Ida" dated January 13th, 1935 from Brooksville, FLA. Lets J.P. know of a friend of hers named Mrs. Maude Cole Keates from Oakland, California has written a book called " Eyes in the Tree" which was a hit by the Chicago Critic. She goes on to say that she asked how she got her book published and asked for advice for J.P. because he was having a trying time getting his book published. She thought that J.P. should have his book published because Mrs. Keates was not as educated as he. More personal matters are spoken of in the letter. Written in cursive and writing in very loopy and overlapping.

d(1). envelope addressed to Mr. J.P Brown, Jr. To Rogers- Bailey Hardware 11th and Market Street Chattanooga, Tenn. University of Alabama July 7, 5 PM 1935. 3 cents postage
d(2-3.2). 407 Huntsville Road Tuscaloosa, Ala July 6, 1936. This is a letter to John Brown Junior from a former teacher encouraging him to study more so he can attend West Point. She is worried that he does not have any direction and is being too idle with his time.
Date 1935-1940
Extent of Description a(1). 9.438" x 4.125"
a(2). 8.438 x 10.938"
b(1). 7.125" x 3.188"
b(2). 9.938" x 8.00"
c. 10.438" x 7.25"
d. 7.50" x 3.75"
Accession number 2004.018