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Object Name Clipping, Newspaper
Catalog Number 2016.004.028.a-x
Collection Chattanooga News-Free Press Collection
Description Clippings folder of articles about the Jimmy Hoffa trial aftermath.

a) Chattanooga Times, stamped January 12, 1966. "PROBE RESUMES IN HOFFA'S CASE, Special U.S. Attorneys in Town--Grand Jury May Be Called Next Week." Byline Fred Hixson. Article reports that two DOJ attorneys, Charles N. Shaffer Jr., and Michael Epstein, are in Chattanooga investigating affidavits filed by Hoffa in connection with a third motion for a new trial. U.S. District Judge Robert L. Taylor of Knoxville had ordered the convening of a special grand jury the previous month.

b) News-Free Press article, stamped January 18, 1966. "GRAND JURORS IN MEET HERE, Believed Probing Hoffa Matters". Byline Irby Park Jr. Article reports that a special grand jury here is questioning witnesses who earlier had sworn affidavits alleging sensational charges against the federal marshals, the presiding judge Frank Wilson, and the sequestered jurors of the 1964 Hoffa trial in Chattanooga.

c) Chattanooga Times, no byline. Date stamped January 18, 1966. "RULING ON HOFFA IS STILL TO COME, Decision of High Court Is Thus Delayed for at Least a Week". Article reports that the US Supreme Court did not announce a decision on whether to hear Hoffa's petition for a writ of certiorari to review his 1964 conviction in Chattanooga.

d) Chattanooga Times, stamped January 19, 1966. "U.S. HOFFA PROBE CONTINUES TODAY, Grand Jury is Considering Teamster Chief's New Trial Request". Byline Fred Hixson. Article reports the grand jury is still investigating Hoffa-related affidavits, no decision as yet.

e) Free Press, stamped January 20, 1966. "JURY'S PROBE SEEN 'WIDER' -- Some in Hoffa Case May Get 'Immunity'." Byline Irby Park Jr. Article reports the grand jury has broadened the scope of its investigation. Lawyers for three of the witnesses in the affidavits, two of whom were Read House bellmen, raised the question of immunity for their clients' grand jury testimony.

f1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped January 20, 1966. "IMMUNITY TOPIC OF WARM DEBATE, U.S. Grand Jury Probe Continues--Lawyers With Witnesses". Byline Fred Hixson. [See (e) above.]

g) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped January 25, 1966. "HOFFA JURORS TALK TO PANEL -- Special Body Probes Trial Plea Matters." Byline Irby Park Jr. Reports that the grand jury heard testimony from federal marshal James Kemp, and from four members of the Hoffa jury (Stanley V. Bonner, William Link, John Curbow, and John A. Kilgore). Also testifying was admitted prostitute Catherine Johnson, one of four women who signed affidavits accusing the jurors of immoral behavior. Another DOJ attorney, Donald Page Moore, arrived here to join Shaffer and Epstein.

h) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped January 25, 1966. "GRAND JURORS BACK IN MEET, Special U.S. Unit Closeted With Judge." Byline Irby Park Jr. Reports another closed door session involving immunity for prostitute/witness Catherine Johnson.

i1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped January 26, 1966. "PROBE OF JURORS QUICKENS TEMPO, 5 of Hoffa Panel, Called into Investigation, Deny Accusations." Byline Fred Hixson. Article reports that the five Hoffa jurors (John Kilgore, William Link, J. D. Starnes, John Curbow, and Stanley V. Bonner) accused of misconduct in affidavits, testified that they had never seen prostitute Catherine Johnson or another woman, Patricia Clark, before that day in court.

j1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped January 26, 1966. "WIDER ROLE SEEN FOR SPECIAL JURY, Attorney in Baker Case Joining Probe Here on Hoffa New Trial Bid." Byline Fred Hixson. Article reports that DOJ attorney Donald Page Moore, who just joined Hoffa probe here, was formerly involved in a probe of Bobby Baker, an indicted official of the Senate.

k1,2) Free Press, stamped January 26, 1966. "HOFFA JURORS DENY CHARGES, Say They Never Saw Signers of Affidavits. Byline Irby Park Jr. [Covers same ground as (i).]

l) Chattanooga Times, stamped January 26, 1966. "HOFFA PETITION IS PASSED OVER, High Court Again Takes No Action on a Writ of Certiorari." No byline. Reports that the Supreme Court still has not acted on Hoffa's petition to hear his case. It also says that Hoffa is in Georgetown University Hospital undergoing tests for internal bleeding.

m1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped January 31, 1966. "SUPREME COURT WILL HEAR HOFFA APPEAL -- Also Agrees to Review Rulings on Osborn, Campbell, Parks, King." No byline. Reports that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Hoffa's appeal during current session. Hoffa's conviction was upheld by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on July 29, 1965.

n1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped February 1, 1966. "SUPREME COURT EXTENDS HOFFA ANOTHER CHANCE." Byline Fred Hixson. Revisits ground covered in (m). The basis of Hoffa's appeal is [quoted from legal brief] "whether evidence obtained by the government by means of deceptively placing a secret informer in the quarters and councils of a defendant during criminal trial so violates the defendant's 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rights that suppression of such evidence is required in a subsequent trial of the same defendant on a different charge." This refers to testimony of Edward Grady Partin, a Teamsters officer from Baton Rouge, La., and a paid government informant. Partin had been present during meetings of Hoffa with his lawyers.

o1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped February 1, 1966. "DECISION TIGHTENS HOFFA GRIP ON UNION -- Review by High Court Apparently Clears Way for His Re-Election." Byline William J. Eaton. Reports that since the Supreme Court will review his conviction, Hoffa is certain to be re-elected to Teamsters' presidency.

p1,2) Chattanooga Times, stamped February 5, 1966. ATHLETES TARGET OF HOFFA'S UNION." AP story from Detroit. The Teamsters announced they would try to organize professional athletes in baseball, football, basketball, hockey. Hoffa's assistant Chuck O'Brien [see 2015.004.027] had met with some dissatisfied Detroit Lions players. Pete Rozelle, NFL commissioner, had no comment.

q1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press, stamped February 7, 1966. "HOFFA BACKS COMMON CONTRACT-END DATE -- Says Would Enable Unions to Call Massive, More Effective Strikes." AP story from Detroit. Reports that Hoffa will put this before the next Teamsters' convention scheduled for July, 1966 in Miami. Also scheduled to discuss pay raises for union officials.

r) Chattanooga Times, stamped February 8, 1966. "U.S. JURY CALLED FOR WEDNESDAY -- Investigation Will Resume on Hoffa's Affidavits in 3rd New Trial Plea." No byline. Reports that DOJ attorneys Charles N. Shaffer Jr. and Michael Epstein are re-convening the grand jury looking into affidavits accusing Hoffa jury members of misconduct. This is a separate issue from what the Supreme Court will review.

s) Chattanooga News-Free Press[?], stamped February 9, 1966. "SPECIAL JURY RESUMES HERE -- Hoffa Plea Matters Believed Studied." No byline. Covers same ground as (r).

t) Chattanooga Times, stamped February 10, 1966. "JURY RECESSES IN HOFFA PROBE --Spends Day Investigating Charges Contained in Affidavits." No byline. Reports that the grand jury was in recess after exhaustive testimony by two Read House bellmen who had signed affidavits, Virgil Culpepper and Seymour Ball. Their lawyer, Moses Krislov of Cleveland, Ohio accuses the government of harassment.

u1,2) Chattanooga News-Free Press[?], stamped March 26, 1966. "RULING MAY MEAN $500,000 FOR HOFFA -- High Court Decides Defense Fees Deductible as Business Expense." Byline Neil Gilbride, AP Washington. Reports that in another case the court ruled that legal fees are a deductible business expense. This should save Hoffa $500,000.

v) Chattanooga News-Free Press[?], stamped April 1, 1966. AP New York. "HOFFA FIGURE BEGINS TERM -- 'Buster' Bell Starts Sentence of 5 Years." Henry Bell, a co-defendant in the 1963 Nashville conspiracy trial, surrendered to federal marshals to begin his sentence.

w) Chattanooga News-Free Press[?], stamped April 19, 1966. "HOFFA CHARGE CONTINUED -- Conspiracy Count Postponed 5 Times." No byline. A one-count conspiracy charge against Hoffa still pending from the Nashville trial was postponed for the 5th time "upon agreement of the parties." Postponement agreed to by Harry Berke, Hoffa's Chattanooga attorney.

x) Chattanooga Times, stamped April 20, 1966. "ONE HOFFA COUNT REMAINS ON BOOK -- Leftover From Tampering Case Here--May Be Tried in Fall." No byline. Covers same ground as (w).
Date 1966
Dates of Creation January 12 - April 20, 1966
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b) 2.13" x 11.50"
c) 5.50" x 6.50"
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e) 3.75" x 13.25"
f1) 2.25" x 16.50"
f2) 1.75" x 8.50"
g) 22.50" x 4.00"
h) 2.00" x 10.00"
i1) 5.50" x 11.00"
i2) 1.87" x 4.00"
j1) 2.00" x 15.00"
j2) 2.00" x 14.00"
k1) 1.75" x 7.25"
k2) 1.87" x 6.50"
l) 1-7/8" x 9.50"
m1) 3.63" x 7"
m2) 2.00" x 14.75"
n1) 1.75" x 8.00"
n2) 3.75" x 17.00"
o1) 4.00" x 7.75"
o2) 1.75" x 13.25"
p1) 1.75" x 8.00"
p2) 1.75" x 9.75"
q1) 3.63" x 4.50"
q2) 1.87" x 10.50"
r) 2.00" x 13.00"
s) 2.25" x 11.25"
t) 2.50" x 13.00"
u1) 3.50" x 7.00"
u2) 1.87" x 4.50"
v) 1.75" x 5.00"
w) 1.75" x 7.00"
x) 1.75" x 10.50"
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