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Object Name Study
Catalog Number LIB.651
Summary Vision 2000 Workshop binder

Ned Pratt- Executive Director- The Read House

-Contains notes from several Venture meetings: Subgroup on Development: 1: Community standards/resource management, 2: River, 3: Downtown
Subgroup on Housing and Neighborhoods, Subgroup on Future Alternatives: 1. Distribution and Transportation, 2. Regional Cultural Center, 3. Community Image
- The Arts in Greater Chattanooga- 1. The Chattanooga Symphony, 2. Hunter Museum of Art, 3. Chattanooga Music Club
- Focus on Vision 2000 meetings- People, Places, Work, Play, Government- Lists of people on these committees and project groups
- By-Laws of Chattanooga Venture
- Pamphlet about Chattanooga Venture - inviting people to join
- Calendar showing different meetings for Vision 2000.
Title Vision 2000 Workshop
Physical Description Three ring binder
10.00" x 11.25" x 1.50"
Published Date 1984-1990 circa
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