Photo Record

Object Name Transparency, Slide
Catalog Number 2009.027.340.a-aa
Collection Continental Film Productions Collection
Description Collection of positive transparent slides from Continental Film Productions, found in a slide box labeled "CFPC Slide Morgue. General Restaurant shots." Box was discarded.

a-g,m,p,x-aa) stamped March 1977. h,l,n,o,q-w) stamped April 1977. i-k) stamped May 1977.
a-e) Images of Town and Country Restaurant, which was located at the corner of North Market Street and Frazier Avenue (currently [2015] where Walgreens is). f,g) Fehn's Restaurant, which was located at 600 River Street. h-l) Bethea's Country Restaurant, which was located at 3850 Brainerd Road, near the intersection of Provence Street and Brainerd Road. m-v) Mount Vernon Colonial Restaurant, which was located at 3509 Broad Street. w-aa) Beefeater's Lounge, which appears to have been in the same building (or part of) Town and Country Restaurant.
Date 1977
Film Size 2.00" x 2.00"
Accession number 2009.027