Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2011.018.010.a-j
Collection Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control Collection
Description Digital images copied from original slides from the Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control. Photos were taken on September 20, 1985. Southern Cellulose, now ADM, residual discharge at Dorris St., Hamilton County (near the Alton Park area). They made currency paper and other types of pulped paper, and they are apparently the reason Moccasin Bend had a dark discharge according to the Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control. This was listed with the Division as "Spectacular Pollution," industrial discharge.

a,b) Images of a drainage pipe with a black, murky liquid running from it. Pipe is surrounded by chain link fencing.
cd) Images of two drainage pipes draining into a WPA (Works Progress Administration) ditch. Ditch empties out into the Chattanooga Creek. Black liquid merging from the pipes.
e) Spill leaving the plant. In between photographer and the spill there was a chain link fence.
f) Wetlandscape (WLS) at Chattanooga Creek. Contaminated sediments.
g) Chattanooga Creek and wetland system in background. Civilian conservation corps (CCC) tributaries discharge summary.
h) Chattanooga Creek with coal. "Floaties."
i) Nitrogen Fertilizer (AZF) @ Northeast CCC Tributaries.
j) Image of a woman overlooking where the ditch flows into the Chattanooga Creek.
Date 1985
Accession number 2011.018