Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2015.077.004.a-c
Collection Picnooga Collection
Description a. This is a digitalized image of a sepia tone, rectangular, formal head & shoulders profile photograph from about 1900. The young woman pictured is Frieda Carter (1880-1964) according to a note written in blue ink on back and signed by "Lucile Derby". Derby identifies the location as Abington, VA on the occasion of Frieda's receipt of a music diploma. She adds that Frieda herself made the white, organdy dress with its many tucks, ruffles, and frills Frieda's long hair is elaborately arranged off her shoulders and held by a comb at the crown. She wears earrings and a bead choker with heart shaped pendant.

Frieda May Utermoehlen eventually married Garnet Carter, who became a well known business man and developer on Lookout Mountain, TN/GA in the early decades of 1900. His projects included: the Fairyland residential area, Fairyland Club, Tom Thumb Golf, and Rock City Gardens. Frieda was involved in her husbands ventures, especially as to creativity and design of homes and gardens.

b. This is a digitalized image of a rectangular, sepia tone photograph, a 3/4 formal portrait of a young man relaxing in a wooden chair. He is identified on back in handwritten blue ink as "Garnet Carter", who is the husband of the young woman in digital item 'a' above, Frieda. He seems the ideal gentleman of the early 1900s, immaculate in person & in dress. His hair is short & neat, face clean shaven. He wears a dark dress suit with a lapel pin on the left. The outfit includes a light tone, vertically striped vest which is buttoned. It is designed with a watch pocket to display a tab & fob near the waist. The light colored shirt collar is a high, stiff style with dark ascot cravat held in front by a fashionable stick pin. Carter's hands are casually posed, one holding the chair arm and the other in his pocket.

c. This is another digitalized, sepia tone image of Frieda May Utermoehlen (as identified by handwriting on the back). It is rectangular and full length in format. She is the same Frieda as mentioned in 'a' & 'b' above. The subject does appear appear perhaps a bit older and somewhat matronly in this picture. It is professionally staged with a backdrop and floor cloth, probably in a studio. There is a faint painting on the backdrop suggestive of a garden setting, a pillar topped by a potted plant and surrounded with vegetation.

Frieda wears a very formal, winter outfit, including a 3/4 length fur coat with prominent collar. Her hat sports a large crown, a broad brim with upward turns on both sides, and a large, dark bow resting on the forehead. Her hair is barely visible. No jewelry can be seen.

The light tone blouse is designed with a tie wrapping high around the neck and falling in front to the waist line. The material is very fussy & frilly. The floor length skirt is of cloth with a tiny pattern, fitted until a slight flare at the hem.
Date 1900 circa
Accession number 2015.077