Photo Record

Object Name Negative
Catalog Number 2007.145.010.x,aa
Collection Paul A. Hiener Collection
Description A collection of reproduction negatives of bird's eye views of downtown Chattanooga.

x) Negative of a busy part of town. Written on the photo: "Chattanooga from Hotel Patten N.W. Market St." A rail road depot is in the foreground of the image with train cars parked. Lots of large commercial style and some industrial style buildings fill the image and some of their signs are visible: "First National Bank," which is across from "American National Bank," D.B. Loveman Co. Dry Goods Carpets Shoes Clothing," "MacKenny Trunk Co." In the background the Chattanooga Brewing Co. is visible. Along the main road in the image are many people, four trolleys, several horse drawn buggies, and at least one early model car. William Stokes image.

aa) Negative looking north from Hotel Patten, 1912. Horses, horse-drawn buggies, trolleys, and early model cars are visible on the streets. The sidewalks are crowded with people. The image is primarily filled with large, commercial style buildings. Two watertowers and multiple church steeples are visible in the background. Many building signs are readable: "Chattanooga Gas Co. Solicits your order for the best light and fuel. You will get the best service for the least cost." "MacKenny Trunk Factory, Trunks, Suitcases, Simple Cases." "D.B. Loveman Co. Dry Goods Carpets Shoes Clothing." "Heath & Milligan" "Campbell Furniture, Carpets, Stoves" and "Storage." Envelope reads: "View from Hotel Patten." William Stokes image.
Date 1912 circa
Photographer William Stokes
Print size 4.00" x 5.00"
Related Publications aa) This image appears on page 40 of "Chattanooga: Yesterday and Today," Volume IV.
Accession number 2007.145