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Object Name Print, Photographic
Catalog Number 2013.032.357.a-w
Collection American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee
Description Photographs related to the American Red Cross in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

a) Three older women dressed in Red Cross uniforms pushing two carts filled with flower arrangements and balloons. They're in a hospital corridor. A sticker with "Enhancing" typed on it is on the front. Two Velcro loop tabs are on the back along with News-Free Press publication information. The photographer is Jake O'Neal. The women are identified as Alda Popovich, Margaret Ledford, and Mabel Hamill. Circa 1990.
b) Large group of children working in a cleared area in a neighborhood. They appear to be working the ground, possibly planting trees or a garden."Evans School 1-24" and "H. Clay Evans" written on the back. The Evans School was an elementary school on Poplar Street in downtown Chattanooga, established 1928. Circa 1930s.
c) Group of seven women (four sitting, three standing) working at a table with Red Cross stickers, pins, and badges on the table. Four of the women are wearing Red Cross uniforms. "Milton Hawkins Photo" stamped on back. Circa 1940s.
d) Portrait of older man, wearing a suit, sitting in chair with his hands and legs crossed. There is a jacquard print curtain behind him. "Ralph Kelley July 1974" written on the back.
e) Portrait of older woman, wearing a Red Cross volunteer uniform, sitting in a chair. There is a jacquard print curtain behind her. "Mrs. R. B. Davenport III, July 1974" written on back.
f) Older man wearing a pale blue jacket with an American Red Cross volunteer patch on the pocket. He is in an office, holding his arm up with some kind of publication in his hand.
g(1), g(2)) Portrait of young woman wearing sweater vest with roses in an office setting. "Betsy Johnson SMF&V 5/87" written on the back. SMF&V could stand for "Systems Management Facilities" and "Volunteers".
h) Man standing in front of magazine display case filled with magazines. He is reading a magazine with a pretty woman on the cover. Circa 1940s.
i) Woman standing outside of a house holding a collie up by its front leg. Circa 1940s.
j) Four men standing around a pool table. One man in a military uniform is bent over getting ready to take a shot. The other three are watching him. Two of them are dressed in coveralls and the other is in a denim jacket and pants. Circa 1940s-1950s.
k) Sixteen women sitting in chairs looking at a woman holding a poster board with images on it. The sitting women have papers in their hands and are very stylishly dressed. "Red Cross Nutrition Class Pineville Community. 6 lessons. 10 received certificates. Oct. 28-December 2nd, 1942. Taught by Anna L. Carpenter." written on back.
L) Group of 21 women, one wearing a Red Cross uniform, the other very stylishly dressed. Some are sitting in chairs, others are standing. They are holding papers in their hands. "Home Nursing Class of Our Lady of Perpetual Help" written on back. Our Lady of Perpetual Help is located on South Moore Rd. Chattanooga. Circa 1940s.
m) Three women wearing Red Cross uniforms and caps are sitting at a table measuring and cutting sheets of gauze. There is another woman wearing a Red Cross uniform and cap who is standing to the side holding gauze bundles in her hands. "Lookout Red Cross" written on back. Circa 1940s.
n) Group of 18 women sitting in chairs, wearing winter coats. There is a woman in a Red Cross uniform and a woman in dress clothes standing to the side. "Home Nursing Group" written on back. Circa 1940s.
o) Group of 13 women, all of whom are knitting. Six are sitting down, the rest are standing behind them. There is a yarn stretcher on a foot stool in front of them. "Nit-Wit Knitters" written on back. Circa 1940s.
p) A man in a suit and an elderly woman wearing a Red Cross volunteer uniform sit at a table with photographs and a scrapbook in front of them. There is a Red Cross flag behind them. The woman's nametag says Mrs. Shoemaker. "Photo by Bob Nichols, News-Free Press" stamped on back. Circa 1970s
q) Seven women sit behind seven sewing machines sewing on white fabric. A woman in white with a Red Cross on her chest stands to the side. Circa 1940s
r) Two men in military uniforms are sitting in chairs facing each other reading magazines. There are two bookcases along the wall behind them. Circa 1940s
s) Three women sit at three long tables measuring and cutting strips of gauze."Mrs. James Gazer, Dora Frumin, and B.A. Crisman" written on back. News-Free Press copyright stamp on the back. Circa 1940s
t) Elderly woman in Red Cross volunteer uniform is holding a carousel coloring book for a young boy wearing a toy doctor's head mirror. They seem to be in a hospital. Circa 1960s.
u) A woman in a Red Cross uniform is touching an arrangement of roses that are on a bedside table while a woman in a hospital bed looks at the roses. Circa 1950s.
v) A woman wearing a Red Cross pinafore uniform is taking the pulse of a man lying in a hospital bed. The man has a thermometer in his mouth. Circa 1950s.
w) Group of 14 women, eight are wearing Red Cross uniforms, sitting at tables drinking coffee. There is a canteen service area in the back with a coffee dispenser and other items.
Date 1930-1990
Photographer a) Jake O'Neal c) Milton Hawkins p) Bob Nichols
Dimension Details a) 5.325" x 3.825
b) 8.00" x 4.00"
c) 6.00" x 4.00"
d,e) 3.625" x 4.25"
f,g) 5.00" x 7.00"
h) 6.25" x 6.50"
i) 2.75" x 3.75"
j) 8.00" x 5.50"
k) 6.00" x 3.75"
L) 8.00" x 4.00"
m) 8.25" x 5.00"
n) 10.00" x 5.00"
o) 8.00" x 5.25"
p) 6.125" x 10.00"
q) 10.00" x 6.00"
r) 7.75" x 5.25"
s) 7.75" x 6.50"
t-v) 7.00" x 5.00"
w) 8.00" x 5.75"
Accession number 2013.032