Photo Record

Object Name Transparency
Catalog Number 2009.027.409.a-e
Collection Continental Film Productions Collection
Description Collection of positive transparent 35mm film strips from Continental Film Productions, found in a slide box that was unlabeled. Box was discarded. These look very similar to "Quality of Life" slides catalogued 2009.027.246-263.

a1) View overlooking downtown taken from Cameron Hill. Sheraton Hotel (now the Doubletree) on Chestnut Street is at right. Large white Provident Building at left. The back of the downtown Sears store visible at right. Missionary Ridge in far background.
a2) View overlooking downtown taken from Cameron Hill. Similar to slide (a1), but different angle shooting more south. YMCA in center of frame. Liberty Center highrise above YMCA. Republic Center highrise to right of Liberty Center. Sign on top of Republic Center says CUB (Commerce Union Bank?) Dome Building in left background. St. Barnabas to right of YMCA.
a3) View overlooking downtown taken from Cameron Hill. Similar to slides (a1) and (a2), but different angle shooting more south. First Baptist Church, Golden Gateway sanctuary and steeple in center. Gold mirrored Blue Cross Building center left. Red lens flare.
c1) View looking west of U.S. Pipe in center of frame. Raccoon Mountain in background. Back of main terminal of Chattanooga Choo Choo visible at left center (square brick tower). Large grain elevator at far right.
c2) View looking west overlooking downtown skyline from direction of Highland Park. Central Avenue runs left to right across frame, slightly below center. Bailey and McCallie Avenues are running perpendicular to the viewer. Downtown landmarks (right to left, center of frame): First Tennessee Bank, Republic Center, American National Bank (now Suntrust), First Presbyterian Church (copper roof with cupola), Lindsey Street Hall, Volunteer Life Bldg (backwards "Volunteer" sign on roof), Read House, Tallan Building, Patten Tower, Chattanooga Times Bldg. The two residential high-rise towers towards foot of Martin Luther King Blvd. at the river are visible in near center background. The top of Cameron Hill apartments is visible at far right behind main downtown high-rises. Raccoon Mountain is in background.
c3) View looking west from the direction of Highland Park toward downtown. Cameron Hill apartments (bunker-like buildings) visible at left center. Provident Building (white) just left of center frame.
e1) View of Lookout Mountain from the ridge cut (I-24). Incline plainly visible.
e2) View from Missionary Ridge overlooking west side. I-24 shoulder visible bottom left corner. Fourth Avenue area? Raccoon Mountain in background.
e3) View looking west toward Signal Mountain over downtown skyline. Cameron Hill apartments visible top center of frame. American National Bank and Republic Center visible just below Cameron Hill. Large factory in likely center foreground is Standard Coosa Thatcher.
b,d) not scanned because they are similar to a,c) respectively.
Date 1970s circa
Film Size 35mm
Accession number 2009.027