Photo Record

Object Name Negative
Catalog Number 2007.145.049.f-h
Collection Paul A. Hiener Collection
Description Collection of negatives related to World War I in Chattanooga. These were found with the rest of the 2007.145 collection in an envelope marked "World War I." The envelope (see 2007.145.049.oo) came from Cline Studios, 115 E. 8th Street, Chattanooga, TN, which is probably who developed these negatives. They are catalogued and scanned in the original order that they were found within the envelope.

f) Negative of about ten men standing on a raised, enclosed platform near a building at the corner of two streets during a parade. All but one of the men are wearing the same uniform. Stars and stripes banners hang from the platform.
g) Negative of a parade* marching down Market Street circa 1918. Image was taken near the 700 block of Market Street. Men marching in formation and all are wearing uniforms. One group is a marching band. People line both sides of the street to watch the parade. Storefronts also line both sides of the street. Several signs are visible; on one side of the street the sign reads: Billiards; on the other side of the street the signs read: Fine Arts Theatre; Rhodes-Mahoney; Timothy D G & C Co.; Kenny C D Co. Coffee Teas; and Templeman Piano Company.
h) Parade* down Market Street circa 1918. The men in the foreground of the image are wearing suits and carrying flags. Behind them are men carrying a large banner that reads: Kiwanis Club. People line both sides of the street. A banner hangs across the street that reads: Buy Thrift Bonds. Buildings and storefronts line both sides of the street
and some signs are visible: Walton & Co. Furniture; Pennebaker Turley Printing; Block Seed Co.

*The Chattanooga Public Library has many of these parade photographs listed as part of the third Liberty Loan Parade down Market Street held April 6, 1918.
Date 1918 circa
Film Size 5.50" x 3.00'
Accession number 2007.145