Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2011.018.039.a-y
Collection Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control Collection
Description Digital images copied from original slides from the Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control. Wheland Foundry and land around it near Chattanooga Creek. Taken February 6, 1992.

a) No. 3 outfall. Two men are standing on top of a wooden structure.
b) No. 4 Outfall.
c,e) No. 3 Outfall discharging into Chattanooga Creek.
d) No. 3 Outfall.
f,g) No. 3 Outfall sampling.
h) No. 3 Outfall. The photo was taken around 2:50PM according to a sheet of paper a woman is holding in the image.
i) No. 3 Discharge in Chattanooga Creek.
j) No 3. Outfall ptt measurement. The device reads 930.
k) Miller Sand Plant Sprinkler System.
l,m) Miller Sand Plant Truck Wash Area.
n) Miller Sand Plant Truck Wash Area Drainage to Gabion Pond.
o,w) Miller Sand Plant Gabion Structure Pond.
p,s) Miller Sand Plant Truck Wash Area Drainage Path to Gabion Pond.
q) No. 3 Outfall Weir Box.
r) Miller Sand Plant Gabion Pond Drainage Ditch Entering Chattanooga Creek.
t) Miller Sand Plant Waste Foundry Sand Pile.
u) Blowout area at Miller Sand Plant Waste Foundry.
v) Miller Sand Plant - Bottom of waste foundry sand pile.
x) Drainage path for No. 6 Outfall to Chattanooga Creek.
y) No. 6 Outfall storm drain at Miller Sand Plant.
Date 1992
Accession number 2011.018