Photo Record

Object Name Print, Photographic
Catalog Number 2007.083.001.zz
Description A sheet containing four photographs from the fourth day of the Chattanooga sit-ins of February 1960.

zz1) This photograph is of a man wearing a suit and hat hastily getting out of the back seat of a car. Behind him was a crowd gathered in front of a department store.

zz2) This photograph is of officers arresting the young men in 2007.083.001.ll and 2007.083.001.rr. In this photograph, an officer held one of them by the back of his pants.

zz3) A crowd of students, mostly white, walked down the sidewalk in front of the same department store as is pictured in the first photograph. The Chattanooga Shoe Store and Dee's visible in the background.

zz4) A crowd in front of S.H. Kress. They were watching something to the left of the camera. A few officers were present as well.

The name "Moody" is written on the back.
Date 1960
Print size 4.00" x 5.00"
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Accession number 2007.083