Photo Record

Object Name Transparency, Slide
Catalog Number 2009.027.337.a-hh
Collection Continental Film Productions Collection
Description Collection of positive transparent slides from Continental Film Productions, found in a slide box labeled "Buildings, Industry, City, Roads." Box was discarded. These may or may not be related to the "Quality of Life" film. Duplicates were not scanned.

a) stamped November 1968, labeled "Volunteer Life," and is an image of the building.
b) stamped June 1972. Image of the Unum Provident building downtown.
c-f) stamped June 1976, and "Sold & processed by Consolidated Film Industries, Hollywood, California." c) Image of what appears to be Chickamauga Lake from a residential neighborhood. d) Downtown Chattanooga from Cameron Hill with First Baptist Church in the foreground. e) Similar image just north of the church, showing downtown. f) The ridgecut on Interstate 24, going over Missionary Ridge.
g) unlabeled. Similar to e,f).
h1,2) stamped September 1978. Image of Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain from Signal Mountain.
i-o) stamped April 1979. i) Image of Oldsmobile Park car dealership. j) Image of 8th Street, with the Blue Cross Blue Shield building in the background. Dayle May Jewelers was located at 12 West 8th Street. k) Image of Broad Street, with the TVA Employees Federal Credit Union (now the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union in that building). Miller Brothers Department store is in the background. l) unidentified image, but Lookout Mountain is in the background. m) Image of Interstate 24 next to South Terrace, right near the Moore Road exit. The Kmart plaza in East Ridge is on the left (this plaza currently [2015] has Carmike cinemas, formerly the Rave). n) Image of businesses on Highway 58, with the American National Bank Highway 58 branch (currently [2015] Suntrust) and Lakeside Pharmacy (currently [2015] Little Caesar's) with Northminister Presbyterian Church on Hal Drive in the background. o) Image of the Blue Cross Blue Shield building.
p-s) stamped May 1979. p) Image of the CARTA bus stop on Market Street, with Baker's Shoes and Eckerd Drugs in the background. q-s) Downtown Chattanooga from Cameron Hill.
t-ee; gg,hh) stamped June 1979. t) Image of the American National Bank building in downtown. u) Image of the Brock Candy Company facility. v) Image of the Quakers Oats facility off of Amnicola Highway. w) Image of DuPont on Hixson Pike. x-z) Image of the interior of Northgate Mall. aa) Image of the YMCA downtown and Highway 27, with Cameron Hill in the background. bb) Image of downtown with Highway 27 ramps and Martin Luther King Boulevard. cc) Image of arts festival or showcasing at Miller Plaza. dd,ee) Construction of a highway bridge, likely for Interstate 24 but this could have been for Highway 27.
ff) stamped July 1979. Aerial image of downtown Chattanooga and the riverfront from the north shore.
gg) Image of building with "1st," may have been the original logo for First Tennessee National Bank or First National Bank.
hh) image of Pioneer Bank building in downtown.
Box was discarded.
Date 1968-1979
Film Size 2.00" x 2.00"
Accession number 2009.027