Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2012.048.007.a-y
Collection The Chattanooga Venture Collection
Description Chattanooga Venture was a movement to take back the city, and help it evolve into a fresh new environment that invited newcomers. Chattanooga had been named the most polluted city by a well known magazine in 1969. The city had a decline in jobs and manufacturing. As a whole, Chattanooga was slowly sloping downward. With local effort from leaders across the board, Chattanooga Venture was able to form projects that brought Chattanooga on the map. Contained in Chattanooga Venture, there was a goal-setting, invisionary process called "Vision 2000" which led more than 200 projects and brought over 1700 people together. There were a number of local leaders that helped make Chattanooga the flowering city it is today.

Many had a handwritten label on the back of the photo:
a) was labeled "Gene Roberts (Mayor)." Gene Roberts was former mayor of Chattanooga from 1983-1997, having served four terms.
b) Rick Montague was head of the Lyndhurst Foundation, which was a side program of Chattanooga Venture.
c) Dalton Roberts served as Hamilton County Executive in Tennessee, as well as on Chattanooga Venture. He is a columnist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press.
d) was labeled "Dalton Roberts & Gene Roberts."
e) was labeled "Johnny Franklin." Johnny Franklin was the first African-American elected official. Franklin was active in his community as well as in Chattanooga Venture.
f) was labeled "May Schropshire with daughter Erika, photo C. Steinbergh, copyright 1992."
g) was labeled "Moses Freeman." Moses Freeman was an educator in his community, served on many Boards, and was active in Chattanooga Venture.
h) was labeled "Robert Woodson, the president of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise in Washington, DC; article in the forum, May 1990." Robert Woodson is the Founder and President of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. He founded the NCNE in 1981, after deciding to dedicate his life to helping low-income people address the problems of their communities. The Center has provided training and capacity-building technical assistance to more than 2,600 leaders of community-based groups in 39 states. He has written several books, including titles such as Youth Crime and Urban Policy and Road to Economic Freedom: an Agenda for Black Progress, as well as received several awards and recognitions. He continues to be influential in revitalizing low-income neighborhoods and decreasing racial tensions in such communities.
i) was labeled "Rick Montague."
j) was labeled "Mayor, Photo by John Rawlston, March 1986, The woman behind the man." Refers to Mayor Gene Roberts.
k) was labeled "Ron [Littlefield], Photo by John Rawlston, March 1986." Ron Littlefield was the executive director of Chattanooga Venture.
l) was labeled "Photo by John Rawlston, March 1986, R.L. Ramsey."
m) was labeled "Photo by John Rawlston, March 1986, Vision '86."
n,o) were labeled "Photo by John Rawlston, March 1986."
p) was labeled "Ruth Holmberg & Rob Taylor." Ruth Holmberg was a trailblazer in Chattanooga Venture. A philanthropist, Holmberg was director of the Chattanooga Times.
q-s) were labeled "Photo by Laura Walker, News-Free Press." Children doing a tour of tractors at the Komatsu plant.
t) was labeled "Jack Lupton at Aquarium ground breaking." Jack Lupton led the campaign to build the aquarium based solely upon private donations. He was also the founder of the Lyndhurst Foundation.
u) was labeled "Class of 2000."
v) was labeled "Children."
w) was labeled "Eleanor Cooper Melissa Roe, founder of KIDS FACE and young participants at the '91 Forum."
x,y) were unlabeled.
Date 1985-1992
Accession number 2012.048