Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2015.029.002
Description Digitized photograph of the interior of Crisman Hardware, 425 Market Street, between 1913 and 1919.

Photograph of 10 employees, 3 of whom were in the office. Third man from left is likely named Roth. Man on far right is Harvey Ragsdale. To the left of Ragsdale is Luke Million. Tall man between the two ladies is Mr. Polk, the bookkeeper.

Further information found on the back of the photograph:
"Father, mother, Roth and wife took a camping trip in 1927 all the way to the west coast and back. Bocky kept us children with the help of a housekeeper. Roth was assigned the sporting goods (guns and ammo) and father had much confidence in him. Roth was caught stealing and was fired later. Father was hurt deeply when he found disloyalty."
"Note bird cages and other merchandise displayed and the primitive manner of displaying goods to be sold. This is the Market Street end of the store, the Broad Street end was used as a warehouse. Very little foot traffic on Broad at that time."
Harvey Ragsdale was "a distant cousin of my [donor of photograph] father and continued to work at the store even when John and I [donor] were running it."
Luke Million "worked for us [donor] until he retired in about 3-4 years and was a faithful and valuable employee to my father and to us. [He] was doing most of the "buying" and [was] likely the assistant manager when I came aboard, except for Mr. Sneed (bookkeeper who appointed himself the position of manager when father's health went down)."
Date 1913-1919
Accession number 2015.029