Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2011.018.022.a-o
Collection Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control Collection
Description Digital images copied from original slides from the Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control. Photos were taken on December 1, 1972. Images of the Chattanooga City Dump, specifically the 26th street site. The dump was located right behind Howard High School by the football stadium. Google map screenshot is attached to show the approximate location of the dump. Severely water pollution leaked into the football field and into the school sometimes when there were heavy rains and/or flooding.

Residents living in the Chattanooga Creek Watershed in South Chattanooga, Tennessee face multiple environmental justice issues, including enduring a greater than normal share of the harmful effects of toxic air and water pollution. The area contains a major federal superfund site (Chattanooga Creek), over 40 hazardous waste sites identified by the state of Tennessee, and at least 18 industries that continually emit toxic substances into the air and report to EPA as part of its Toxic Release Inventory program (TRI). The area contains three large public housing complexes Wheeler Homes, Poss Homes, McCallie Homes, and also one public housing high rise apartment complex for the elderly, Mary Walker Towers, in addition to single- family residence. The area was already industrial and polluted at the time the public housing was built. There are about 6500 residents in the Chattanooga Creek area, 98 percent of whom are African American, compared to 34 percent in the city as a whole. More can be read here: University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Research was done by John Tucker who is a Professor of the Biological and Environmental Sciences.

a) Image of a pile of trash. Howard High School in the background across a body of water.
b) Two men standing next to a bulldozer. Howard High School in the background.
c) A pile of trash.
d) Image of the dump. Water is pooled up in the ridge between the dump and the train tracks.
e) Image of the dump. Howard High School can be seen on the right. Buildings on the left might be the public housing in visible in m).
f) Another image of the dump. Railroad on the right. Howard High School on the left.
g) Image of the dump. Football stadium visible. Behind the stadium are two large buildings. Possibly Mary Walker Towers.
h,i) Image of the dump and murky water.
j,k) Images of the dump with the school in the background. Possibly taken from the train tracks. Howard High School can be seen in the distance.
l) Close-up of the dump and the murky water.
m) Image of the dump and public housing. An overpass can be seen in the background.
n) Image of the dump and murky water.
o) Another image of the dump. Howard high can be seen in the distance.
Date 1972
Accession number 2011.018