Photo Record

Object Name Print, Photographic
Catalog Number 2015.032.210.a-h
Collection Chattanooga Times File Collection
Description Series of 9 photos of the Brock Candy Company.
a) Demolition of Brock Candy Company showing brick smokestack with "Brock" written down the side of it. "Fisher Wrecking Co." and "9/29/78" written on back.
b) Demolition of Brock Candy Company showing brick/concrete construction division. Brock Candy Co. along top of building. "Aug. 5, 1980" stamped on back.
c(1), c(2) Demolition of Brock Candy Company showing remains of concrete and rebar floor footings and walls. "Sep 12, 1980" stamped on back and "in UDAG area" written on back. UDAG is Urban Development Action Grant.
d) Two Brock candymakers are adding red candy striping to white candy base by hand. "11/30/84" written on back.
e) Two Brock candymakers are putting striped candy onto a stretching machine. "11/30/84" written on back.
f) A Brock candymaker is watching the large piece of striped candy be twisted down into a small tube. "11/30/84" written on back.
g) Same as "f" only without the Brock candymaker standing by the equipment. "11/30/84" written on back.
h) A woman wearing a white shirt and hairnet, Jean Dickson, is gathering packages of candy to pack in a box. "3/19/91" written on back.

The original Brock Candy Company was located on a city block bounded by 11th Street, Carter Street, 12th Street, and Chestnut Street. The original brick building was built in 1900s, a concrete and rebar enlargement was added in the 1950s. In the early 1970s Chattanooga determined the area surrounding the plant would be part of an urban renewal project and they purchased the property. The Brock plant moved out to land they owned on Jersey Pike and constructed a new facility in the mid-1970s. The downtown facility was demolished 1978-79. Currently the Convention Center and Marriott are located there. For more history of the Brock/Brach company:
Date 1978-1991
Photographer a,c) George Baker; b) Philip Schmidt; d-g) Cecil Pearce; h) John Coniglio
Dimension Details a-c) 9.00" x 7.00"
d-g) 10.00" x 8.00"
h) 10.00" x 7.625"
Accession number 2015.032