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Collection Chattanooga News-Free Press Collection
Description Photographs concerning the Jimmy Hoffa jury-tampering trial held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, from January 20, 1964 to March 3, 1964.

a) UPI wirephoto dateline 2/13/64 Nashville. Caption: LAWRENCE W. MEDLIN, Nashville sandwich shop operator, accused by the Federal Govt. of offering a $10,000 bribe to a prospective juror in the 1962 conspiracy trial of Teamster Pres. James R. Hoffa. Medlin was indicted with Hoffa, but has been granted a separate trial in Nashville.

b) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, February 13, 1964. Caption: PRE-HOFFA BIRTHDAY PARTY-- Teamsters president James R. Hoffa, holds his granddaughter as she samples a cake at a party to celebrate his 51st birthday tonight at a private party. Hoffa is on trial here for jury-tampering in a 1962 Nashville case.

c) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga February 14, 1964. Caption: DEFENSE RESTS IN HOFFA TRIAL-- Teamsters president James Hoffa leaves Federal court at noon with union lawyer William Bufalino after the government rests its jury-tampering case against Hoffa. The trial's fourth week ends today and Hoffa's lawyers start their defense Monday.

d) UPI wirephoto dateline 2/14/64 Chattanooga. Caption: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" -- Teamster boss James R. Hoffa, backed by attorney William Bufalino, lets out a broad grin as a television cameraman sings happy birthday to him while filming at the same time. Hoffa celebrated his 51st birthday here 2/14 as the government rested its case against jury-tampering charges. The defense will begin about 2/17 with some 30 witnesses.

e) Undated cropped wirephoto of Hoffa blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Mrs. Hoffa is in foreground, and defense attorney Bufalino is in background.

f) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, February 18, 1964. Caption: CO-DEFENDANT-- James R. Hoffa Teamster president on trial for jury-tampering leaves Federal Court with Allen Dorfman, Chicago, Ill. Dorfman testified today that he never tried to fix the jury in Hoffa's 1962 conspiracy trial in Nashville.

g) UPI wirephoto dateline 2/18/64 Chattanooga. Caption: EDITORS: PLEASE KILL THE PREVIOUS TRANSMISSION. CORRECTED CAPTION FOLLOWS. Alan Dorfman (R), Chicago insurance broker and co-defendant in the James R. Hoffa jury-tampering trial, corroborated earlier testimony by Nicholas Tweel in federal court here 2/18 and said he was innocent of any improper procedure during the 1962 trial in Nashville. Dorfman leaves with Hoffa (L), Hoffa's son-in-law Robert Crancer (C) during a recess in the 2/18 proceedings.

h) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, February 19. Caption: ON TRIAL WITH HOFFA-- Larry Campbell, Detroit teamsters business agent, left and Ewing King, right, former Nashville Teamsters president, enter Chattanooga's Federal Court today. They are on trial with union president James Hoffa on jury-tampering charges and will testify for the defense.

i) UPI wirephoto dateline 2/20/64 Chattanooga. Caption: Ewing King, former president of the Nashville Teamsters local, leaves federal court here 2/20 after he testified in the James R. Hoffa jury tampering trial that he only tried to do a good deed when he offered a promotion to a Tennessee state trooper whose wife was a juror in the 1962 Hoffa trial. He said "helping" the trooper was the only motive in the gesture which led to his indictment on jury tampering charges.

j) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, February 20, 1964. Caption: PAID TO HARASS HOFFA-- Fred M. Shobe, Detroit ex-convict far left leads the way to Federal Court for Teamsters president [sic] William Bufalino and Teamsters president James Hoffa. Judge Frank Wilson agreed to let Shobe tell the jury of an alleged conversation with a Nashville policeman who testified for the government. Shobe, yesterday told the court he had been hired by the government to harass Mr. Hoffa.

k) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, February 21, 1964. [Same photo as (j) but different caption.] Caption: CLAIMS PRESIDENTIAL PARDON OFFERED-- Fred M. Shobe, Detroit ex-convict, shown left above, testified today he was offered a presidential pardon to work as an undercover government agent against James R. Hoffa. Shobe is shown as he walked toward the courtroom yesterday with the Teamsters union president, right, and defense attorney William Bufalino, center.

l) UPI wirephoto dateline 2/24/64 Chattanooga. Caption: "WELCOME TO THE CITY"-- Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa (R) greets two truck drivers passing through the city here 2/24 as the lunch break came during his jury-tampering trial. The men, Owen Judy (L) and Eddie West (C) of Cincinnati, Ohio's Local 100, stopped long enough in this city to greet their labor leader as he went into his 6th week of his trial. Hoffa is expected to take the stand in his behalf sometime 2/24 or 25.

m) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, February 24, 1964. Caption: HOFFA MAKES READY TO TESTIFY-- Teamsters president James R. Hoffa gets a trim from local Chattanooga barber Sandy Harwood before he takes the stand on charges of jury-tampering. Five other men are charged with Hoffa, with trying to influence jurors in Hoffa's 1962 conspiracy trial in Nashville.

n) UPI wirephoto dateline 2/24/64 Chattanooga. Caption: International Teamster President James R. Hoffa stopped by the hotel barber shop after returning from federal court here 2/24 afternoon for a fast trim and a shoe shine. The labor leader said he was getting ready to take the stand here early 2/24 in his behalf in his jury-tampering trial.

o) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, February 24, 1964. Caption: TESTIFIES FOR HOFFA-- Lawrence N. Steinbery, president of Toledo, Ohio Teamsters local for past 20-years walks to Federal Court where he testified this morning. Steinberg, long time friend of James Hoffa testified at Hoffa's jury-tampering trial that he did not recall seeing the key government witness Edward Partin during the 1962 Nashville trial.

p1-2-3) UPI wirephoto dateline 2/28/64 Chattanooga. Caption: "FOR THE RECORD" -- Court reporters John E. Hamlin (L), Nashville, and Richard Smith (R), Chattanooga, look over the 30 volumes they have recorded so far in the James R. Hoffa jury-tampering trial. They said the best they could figure they had recorded 8,249 pages, or 1,649,800 words since the trial began, or roughly 720 hours work between them. That's a lot of talking!

q) UPI wirephoto dateline 2/28/64 Chattanooga. Caption: Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa wipes a cinder from his eye as he leaves federal court here 2/28 afternoon as the sixth week of his jury-tampering trial came to an end. Federal Judge Frank Wilson, at a hearing earlier, overruled a defense motion to throw out the testimony of the government's key witness, Edward G. Partin. Final arguments are scheduled to begin sometime 3/2 morning.

r) UPI wirephoto dateline 3/2/64 Chattanooga. Caption: Chief defense counsel, James Haggerty, leaves the federal court here 3/2 after he had begun final arguments for his client James R. Hoffa earlier in the morning. Hoffa, and five co-defendants are on trial here in connection with an alleged jury-tampering attempt during the Hoffa trial in 1962 in Nashville.

s) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, March 2, 1964. Caption: HOFFA JURY-- Members of the Hoffa jury walk across a Chattanooga Street from the Federal Court. The trial of James R. Hoffa and five co-defendants charged with jury-tampering now in its seventh week heard closing arguments today. The case should go to the jury possibly tomorrow. EDITORS NOTE THIS FILE PHOTO MADE IN FEBRUARY. [The view is north on Georgia Ave. Hamilton Bank, Volunteer Life, Ross Hotel, and Dome Bldg. visible.]

t) UPI wirephoto dateline 3/2/64 Chattanooga. Caption: International Teamsters president James R. Hoffa (L) seems to be getting advice from his legal advisor Jake Kossman as the two left federal court here 3/2 afternoon. Final arguments began early 3/2 in the jury-tampering trial and the case is expected to go to the jury sometime 3/3.

u) UPI wirephoto dateline 3/2/64 Chattanooga. Caption: "THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER"-- Jacques Schiffer, New York attorney for Thomas Parks of Nashville, co-defendant in the James R. Hoffa jury-tampering trial, made a somewhat dramatic ending of his final arguments before the jury here 3/2 afternoon. As Schiffer concluded, he threw some silver coins on the table where the prosecutors sat and said, "Here's thirty pieces of silver... you earned it."

v) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, March 3, 1964. Caption: SPEAKS OUT -- James R. Hoffa talks to newsmen before entering Federal Court this morning as the Hoffa jury-tampering trial is due to go to the jury sometime today. Hoffa, again spoke out against the government harassment of him while in Chattanooga for this trial.

w) UPI wirephoto dateline 3/3/64 Chattanooga. Caption: "FINAL ARGUMENTS" -- Final arguments are expected to be completed here 3/3 morning in the jury-tampering trial of James R. Hoffa. Prosecutor John Hooker (L) will sum up the government's case after defense attorney Harry Berke (R) has the last word in the defense summation. The case should go to the jury sometime 3/3 afternoon.

x) AP wirephoto dateline Chattanooga, March 3, 1964. Caption: HOFFA JURY-- A U.S. Marshal opens the door as members of the Hoffa jury leave for a recess. The jury heard final arguments today and a charge to the jury by Federal Judge Frank Wilson. Judge Wilson excused the jury late this afternoon and ordered them back at 7:00pm this evening. Deliberation by the jury is expected to begin this evening. [View is of rear parking lot at court building.]

y) B&W print of rear of court house as jurors enter parked vehicles [See also (x).] Photo credit J. B. Collins.

z) UPI wirephoto dateline 3/3/64 Chattanooga. Caption: "HOFFA JURY" -- Jurors, peppered with an unknown number of U.S. Marshals, leave the rear entrance of the federal court house here 3/3 afternoon heading for awaiting autos. Shortly before, the jurors, hearing the James R. Hoffa jury tampering case, had been charged by Federal Judge Frank Wilson and then were told to take an hour dinner break and return. The case may go into deliberation this evening or early 3/4.
Date 1964
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