Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2015.029.001
Description Digitized photograph of the interior of Crisman Hardware's new location, 511 Market Street, 1935.

Written on back of photograph:
"This photo was made about 1935 [taken at new location of Crisman Hardware] when the Broad Street end of the store was treated as a store front and an entrance with the pavement of Broad Street and its connection to Market Street at the north end near Second Street at the Coca Cola Bottling Co. site.
This was the new Shipping Department with the public Men's toilet room above the shipping department. The stairway to the Men's toilet was rather narrow and steep. On Saturday especially, the drunks had some difficulty managing the stairway and hitting the urinal and it [would] leak into the Shipping Department. Odor would accumulate with the wooden construction. The entire situation did not meet the building codes when John and I took over the store.
Note the horse collars displayed much horse-drawn farm machinery was still being used at this time. It was AFTER World War II when tractor use flourished and horse-drawn equipment took a sharp decline in use."

"From the left, the people in the photograph were a truck driver, Buck Nuckols (the shipping clerk), a warehouseman (who appears to have just gotten off the elevator from the third floor with a heavy, enameled, cast-iron bath tub on his two-wheel truck), T.N. Melton, and John Martin. Melton was in charge of the store's wholesale business, which involved 2 to 4 men traveling a territory that ranged from 40 to 75 miles from Chattanooga. Melton retired at age 89. Martin was in charge of the Paint Department and sold "finish" hardware, such as locks, hinges, etc.

More information written on the back of the photograph:
"Today, bathtubs are not very much in demand since most people take showers and don't take the time to fill a bathtub with water. If a tub is used, it is a steel tub and not a cast iron tub. "Change" is constantly taking place. Notice the change with more modern overhead lighting fixtures since the first photograph. Foot traffic was still entering the store from Market Street. However, since Broad Street was wider and bore less overall traffic count, a higher percentage of the customers arriving by motorized vehicles were using the Broad Street entrance. Eventually, John and I [donor of photograph] bought the property next door and moved the entire shipping department into this space."
Date 1935
Accession number 2015.029