Photo Record

Object Name Print, Photographic
Catalog Number 2016.004.025.a-s
Collection Chattanooga News-Free Press Collection
Description Photographs concerning the Jimmy Hoffa jury-tampering trial held in Chattanooga, Tennessee from January 20, 1964 to March 3, 1964. All are black and white prints.

a) Photo of several unidentified men in suits coming down the front steps at the federal court house. Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

b) Photo of several jurors walking past cameras on sidewalk, presumably in front of court house. Man on left with skinny black tie is a federal marshal. The two middle-aged women at left are jurors, one of whom is Callie Key, widow of local African-American physician Dr. Key. Written on back it reads "Long chore ended." Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

c) Photo of several unidentified people leaving the court house. The gray haired man at left is possibly Hal Bullen, jury foreman, same man pictured in 2016.004.021.h and 2016.004.023.t.
Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

d) Photo of several unidentified men exiting the court house. Photo credit George Moody.

e) Photo of several men on Georgia Ave. sidewalk at 10th Street corner. Co-defendant Larry Campbell is at left. Photo credit John Goforth.

f) Photo of co-defendant Allen Dorfman (L) and possibly Hoffa's son (C), James P. Hoffa, at top of court house steps. Jimmy Hoffa and attorney Haggerty are behind them on sidewalk. Photo credit Bill Truex.

g) Hoffa climbs court house steps (L) with Allen Dorfman (R) behind him. Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

h) Hoffa (L) and Allen Dorfman (R), wearing raincoats, on the sidewalk in front of court house. Photo credit Jim Mooney.

i) Hoffa (R) and Dorfman (L). Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

j) Unidentified men walking down court house steps. View is north on Georgia Ave. Written on back it reads "Sequestered Trial Jurors." At center is jury foreman Hal Bullen. Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

k) Blurry photo of man wearing a raincoat, standing in front of a phone booth. Written on back it reads "James F. Neal," one of the prosecutors. No photo credit.

l) Photo of co-defendant Ewing King, his wife, two other women, and an unidentified man crossing the street. View is south on Georgia Ave. at 10th Street. Door of the building at the corner reads "Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co." Patten Hotel entrance in background. The two men standing under the Patten Hotel's flat entrance awning are co-defendant Thomas Parks and his heavy-set companion, also pictured in 2016.004.022.b. Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

m) Photo of Ewing King and his wife (L) and a second unidentified woman (R) walking on Georgia Ave. toward court house. Photo credit John Goforth.

n) Photo of co-defendant Larry Campbell walking in front of NBC news car. Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

o) Photo of defense witness Fred Shobe walking toward the court house. [See also 2016.004.020.j-k.] Defense lawyer Bufalino is behind him. Photo credit John Goforth.

p) Unidentified man in front of court house, holding large stack of envelopes and file folders. Photo credit Delmont Wilson.

q) Three men on the court house steps. Written on back it reads "Hoffa Attys." In center is William Bufalino. Jacques Schiffer is at right. Photo credit Bob Sherrill.

r) Studio portrait of Mrs. Jimmy Hoffa. Photo credit Schonbrunn Studio.

s) Photo of Hoffa (R) receiving papers from two unidentified men. On back it reads "Funds for Hoffa." Photo credit Delmont Wilson.
Date 1964
Dimension Details a-p) 8.00" x 10.00"
q) 4.25" x 6.00"
r) 8.00" x 10.00"
s) 5.75" x 4.87"
Accession number 2016.004