Photo Record

Object Name Transparency, Slide
Catalog Number 2009.027.363.a-z
Collection Continental Film Productions Collection
Description Collection of positive transparent slides from Continental Film Productions, found with 2009.027.363-.365 in 2 slide boxes labeled "City + Scenics Long(?)." "Long" probably refers to long distance. Boxes were discarded. Duplicates / similar slides not scanned. Some slides had stamped development dates. These may be related to the Quality of Life film.

a) River running between mountains. Road lined with small structures follows the river on left side. Possibly River Canyon Road or Mullins Cove Road. Stamped November 1973.
b) Highway signs: Chattanooga City Limits and Sister City of Hamm Germany. Stamped, 1,2,3: January 1973 / April 1974 / May 1979.
c) View of downtown from Cameron Hill. YMCA, St. Barnabas, Liberty Center, Republic Center, Dome Building, First Tennessee Bank, American National Bank, Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church. Stamped April 1974.
d) Possibly Ocoee River. Natural waterfall in front of a dam. d,e) stamped January 1975.
e) Mountain stream, water flowing over rocks.
f) Blurry shot of downtown, shot late in the day possibly from Stringers Ridge. Olgiati Bridge visible at right. Market Street and Walnut Street Bridges visible at left. f-h) June 1976. (f2 and g2 - February 1977).
g) Night view of city lights, possibly Olgiati Bridge on left.
h) would not scan properly.
i) Looking upstream over the Tennessee River coming around Moccasin Bend. Foundries (with smoke) along south side of river. Downtown skyline in distance. Not stamped with a date.
j) Looking up to the top of a tall building from sidewalk level, probably the Republic Center. j-r) April 1979.
k) Slightly different angle of photo (j).
l) Blue Cross gold mirror building from street level. Building reflections: rear of James and Maclellan Buildings, Read House roof, First Tennessee Bank.
m) Plaza next to Blue Cross Building looking toward Chestnut Street. rear views of Mountain City Club, James and Maclellan Buildings, Read House, Pioneer Bank, Second Presbyterian Church Founders Memorial at 731 Pine Street.
n) Greyhound Bus Station with First Tennessee Bldg visible over the roof.
o) 700 block of Broad Street, looking toward the river. TVA Credit Union Bldg on right. First Tennessee Bank Bldg visible over credit union. CARTA bus #902 heading north has Coca-Cola ad on the side. Miller Bros. Department Store, Haverty's visible in next block.
p) Scenic view of wooded mountain ridge. White blooming trees, probably dogwoods. Part of a fire tower visible in center.
q) Wider angle of photo (p) with whole fire tower visible. Cows graze in foreground across a road.
r) Different angle of photos (p and q).
s) Sunset shot looking west, possibly taken from Missionary Ridge. I-24 ridge cut at left. East side of Lookout Mountain visible at left. s-z) May 1979.
t) Tugboat pushing a barge #ACBL 303X on the river in front of an installation of silos. One silo has Cargill logo on side.
u) Walnut Street Bridge.
v) Walnut Street Bridge, closer view of photo (u).
w) Walnut Street Bridge at left, view looking over the Tennessee River looking north from south side. Large excursion boat is parked on the north bank, next to some wood frame buildings in what is now Coolidge Park.
x) Tourists board a trolley #952 at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. Originally purchased from New Orleans in the early 1960s when the Canal Street line was replaced by busses, this car still has "Canal" sign in the center window panel. It also has a sign that reads "4 Ridge" on the right, and a sign readings "America's only 10Cent Trolley Ride."
y) Closer view of photo (x).
z) Two girls in matching orange/black shorts outfits lie on the grass. The one in foreground eats an apple.
Date 1973-1979
Film Size 2.00" x 2.00"
Accession number 2009.027