Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2014.049.003.a-c
Collection Matthew C. Miller Collection
Description Three digitized photographs related to the Chattanooga Traction Company. "The Chattanooga Traction Company was developed by C.E. James, the developer of the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway. Originally conceived as a means of transporting patrons of his mountaintop hotel from the valley to the Signal Mountain Hotel, a second line was built into Red Bank, and a freight business also quickly developed which sustains most of the line today, under Norfolk Southern ownership. . .Passenger service was terminated in mid-1934, but freight continued to be moved by electric motors until 1940." Source:

a) This describes the location as Chattanooga Yard. The Traction company considered their 'yard' not to be near the barn (see (b) ) but at the location where the branchline split off to go to Signal Mountain Cement Company off Pineville Road. Still today [2015] there is a four-track yard in the spot. See the attached 2014.049.003.a reference map, the location is highlighted on the map. The image was pasted on the reverse side of an East High School classification card. Image description: Light-colored railroad "interurban" passenger car with "Chattanooga Traction Company" stenciled along the top railing and "12" near the door. There is a single entrance at the end and a double door entrance in the center. The windows are arched and have a metal grill at the bottom. There is the corner of a dark passenger car in the righthand corner.
b) This one certainly was taken outside of the car barn. See rectangle around the barn the cars were outside of (torn down long ago) and circle around the building in the background that still exist (see attached 2014.049.003.b reference map). It is now [2015] the crew offices for the Norfolk Southern Railroad which switches industries on the line. Image description: Dark-colored railroad "interurban" passenger car with "Chattanooga Traction Company" stenciled along the top railing, and the logo and "51" on the side by the sliding door. There is a double door entrance in the center. The windows are square with metal pipes at the bottom.
c) Mr. Strickland could not identify where this image was taken from. It was a maintenance or way motorcar and was used to make repairs on the overhead wires and poles. Image description: Light-colored, wooden panelled railroad motor car with two wide slide doors on each side. There are four windows at the front, as well as a large headlight, and single door. At the center of the train roof is a four-sided wooden platform.

Justin Strickland also provided some information for these images.
Date 1920-1934 circa
Accession number 2014.049