Photo Record

Object Name Print, Photographic
Catalog Number 2016.013.002.a-k
Collection Chattanooga Fire Department Collection
Description Photographs dating from the 1940s, of fire fighters doing fire safety outreach on Market Street. These may all possibly date to 1946, based on movie signs, according to

a) Antique fire engine displaying signs and banners is parked across the street from Woolworth's, Burt's Shoes, Robinson's. Four fire fighters in white shirts and ties pose on the sidewalk.

b) Antique fire engine draped in signs is parked in front of a movie theater advertising "Dragonwyck" (1946) on the marquee. The theater is possibly the Rialto on Market Street. Miller Brothers department store is at the corner, at Market and 7th Streets.

c) Same view of antique fire engine in front of Rialto Theatre. A man in white shirt and tie sits in the driver's seat. There is a display of brass fire extinguishers and signs for Chattanooga Fire Extinguisher & Equipment Co., K.B. Green representative, phone 3-2266-M.

d) Antique fire engine and a second newer (but still old) fire truck are parked in front of two store fronts, Delson Shoes and [cropped off] Shops. The address numbers are 712 and 714, possibly east side of Market Street. Stamped on back "Kenneth B. Kile, Commercial Photographer."

e) Antique fire engine parked in front of a store named "McLellan's," next to Rialto Theatre. The Rialto is showing "Caravan Trail." (1946). A fire fighter in white shirt and tie sits in driver's seat. Stamped on back "Kenneth B. Kile, Commercial Photographer."

f) Reverse angle of photo (e), showing Kress Dimestore, Lane Drugstore at 7th and Market, and Kay Jewelers and the State Theatre in the 600 block of Market St. Stamped on back "Kenneth B. Kile, Commercial Photographer."

g) Two fire fighters in white shirts and ties stand in front of antique fire engine possibly parked on same block as photo (d). Big banner reads "Make Chattanooga Safe Practice Fire Prevention."

h) Two fire fighters in white shirts pose on sidewalk next to a skeleton in a coffin, and a trash barrel painted to read "Use a salamander for burning trash paper, leaves, etc. - No danger from sparks." Stamped on back "Bob Sherrill" photo credit. Written on back "Lt. T. J. Warren." Possibly ran in the newspaper.

i) Antique fire engines with signs parked in front of Delson Shoes, Smartwear, and Kress Dimestore. Same block as photos (d) and (g).

j) Antique fire engine with signs "Prevent Fires" and "Remember You'll be Alive Tomorrow because You Practiced Fire Prevention Today."

k) Antique fire engine surrounded by fire safety signs. A fire fighter in dress uniform stands behind it. It is parked on Market Street across from Hamilton National Bank and Miller Brothers. A billboard advertises a Bette Davis movie at the Tivoli "A Stolen Life" (1946). Stamped on back "Milton Hawkins Photo."
Date 1946 circa
Dimension Details a) 9.50" x 5.75"
b,c) 9.50" x 7.75"
d) 10.00" x 8.00"
e) 9.50" x 7.50"
f) 9.50" x 7.50"
g) 7.25" x 3.50"
h) 6.00" x 5.75"
i) 5.00" x 4.00"
j) 4.50" x 3.50"
k) 9.50" x 7.50"
Accession number 2016.013