Photo Record

Object Name Negative
Catalog Number 2009.027.031.j-r
Collection Continental Film Productions Collection
Description 35mm negative and positive 35mm film, of Double Cola advertisements. WDEF was also advertised. These were all found in an unlabeled sleeve, which was discarded. Except for p and r, only one image from each set was scanned because they were all the same.

The Double Cola company was founded in 1922 and headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was regionally manufactured, and predominantly distributed east of the Mississippi River. The company was founded by Charles D. Little and Joe S. Foster, and they went into business together to market the product Good Grape. The Double Cola product was developed in 1933. It was followed by other flavors such as; Double Orange, Double Lemon, Double Grape, and Double Dry Ginger Ale. The company hurt some during WWII, due to sugar rationing the drinks were only available in larger bottles, thus they were not a part of the vending machine craze. The company's name became The Double Cola Company in 1953. Diet Double Cola was launched in 1962. The company was bought in 1980 by K.J. International Inc. of London England. The Double Cola company's international sales are not as large as Coke or Pepsi, their presence in South Asia, South America, the Middle East, and consumption in 17 nations comprises their international market. See Search Terms for additional information.
Date 1960 circa
Film Size 35mm
Accession number 2009.027