Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2014.049.040.a-e
Collection Matthew C. Miller Digital Collection
Description Digitized photographs:
a) A man is sitting on a rock outcropping ledge, looking out into the distance. He is wearing a dark suit, leather boots, and a wide-brimmed dark hat. There is a wooden shack on the ledge beside him. The photograph is taken a distance away from the side. The land drops away dramatically from the ledge to a mountainside with bare trees that are broken and damaged. The back is stamped with an American flag on a flag pole and with: Photographed at Gallery Point Lookout, Lookout Mountain, A.D. 1864. R.M. Linn, prop'r. Handwritten in pencil at the top: Luman G. Griste, Point Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN
The wooden shack in the picture is R. M. Linn's photograph gallery and workshop.

b) Studio portrait of a seated man wearing an unstructured jacket that only has the top two buttons buttoned. The bottom of the jacket is open and the man's right hand is held at his stomach. The hand is wrapped in bandages with only his first two fingers showing. The man has a moustache and his hair is swept up into a high pompadour. Handwritten on the back: Corpl. Luman G. Griste, Co. E 105th Ohio Vol. Inf., Wounded Sept. 19, 1863, Chickamauga, Ga., Lost 3rd finger to gunshot.

c) Studio portrait of a man wearing a dark jacket, a white shirt with a high, straight collar, and a striped ribbon tie that is crossed at the throat and held in place with a round object. The man has a moustache, pale eyes, and thick hair that is parted on the side and swept up. At the bottom of the mat board is stamped "Negative Preserved." Handwritten on the back: Luman G. Griste. There also is a 2-cent George Washington tax stamp.

d) Studio portrait of a middle-aged man who is wearing a dark suit, white shirt with high wide collar, and bow tie. The man has a long, thick moustache and long van dyke beard, pale eyes, and thick, short hair. At the bottom on the mat board is stamped "C.A, Park. Cleveland, O." Handwritten on the back: Luman G. Griste, M.D., Twinsburg, Ohio. Also: 43 Dr. Luman G. Griste, at 10 sq in square finish. Stamped on the back is: Park, 171 & 173 Superior Street, Cleveland, O.

e) Duplicate of image "d" except it does not have "C.A. Park. Cleveland O." stamped on the front mat board. On back is half a typed label that says "Corp'l Griste. Make po------ half inches." It is stamped with "Park, 171 & 173 Superior Street, Cleveland, O." Handwritten at the bottom "L. G. Griste, Twinsburg, O."

Apparently the last name is spelled Griste. However, his name is spelled Luman G. Grist in the records of the 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company E. Luman G. Grist is found on page 14 of the roster. It notes that he was appointed corporal on December 31, 1862, was wounded at the battle of Chickamauga, GA on September 19, 1863 and given a medical discharge on February 24, 1864.
Source:Civil War Index.

Luman Griste was born at New Hambden, Geauga County, Ohio, June 18 1844.He moved to Twinsburg, Ohio in 1871 after graduating from Eastman College in Poughkeepsie, NY 1869, and the Homeopathic College of Cleveland, 1871, and became a medical doctor in Twinsburg, Ohio, 1872.
Source: Twinsburg, Ohio 1817-1917. Edited by Lena M. Carter. Published by Samuel Bissel Memorial Library Association of Twinsburg.
Date 1864 circa
Photographer R.M. Linn
Accession number 2014.049