Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2015.077.003.a-g
Collection Picnooga Collection
Description These are photographs of four house exteriors and three home interiors in the Fairyland residential development on Lookout Mountain, TN/GA near Chattanooga TN about 1930. The developer was Garnet Carter. His wife, Frieda, designed/built the rustic, cottage-like residences (see 2015.077.001). Most were situated on sloping, uneven lots covered in natural trees/vegetation, stones, and boulders.

a. Digitized photograph, original 8" x10". It pictures a small house called Overbrook. Through a wooded setting, a dirt road leads to it over a short, one lane log bridge crossing a small mountain brook. The road is lined on both sides with rocks as it passes a flat stone walkway to the front door and continues on to a garage just visible behind the left side of the home. The residential exterior features a gabled roof, wide, horizontal frame siding, shuttered windows, and a mountain stone foundation.

The yard remains in a natural, woodsy state with only a few added shrubs. The front steps with metal railing lead past a towering stone chimney to a small landing at the wooden front door. Two wall lanterns and a quaint wooden bench accent that area. The whole scene has a rustic yet comfortable look.

b. Digitized photograph, original 8" x 10". On back is hand written in pencil: "Minor Space", likely regarding some type of reproduction in print. Like home a. above, this residence was designed and built by Frieda Carter. It was called Naiad. In Greek mythology this word meant water nymph (those ruling over wells, fountains, brooks, streams, or any other fresh water). It was built in a wild wooded setting, the yard as well left quite natural with only rocks, shrubs, bushes, and a simple window box used for landscaping. The far end of the house seems to be built actually on or right next to a large boulder.

The structure is designed with a gabled roof, massive stone chimney at one end, two story living space at the other, cedar shake siding, and stone foundation. The cottage style front entry is a tiny enclosed porch with an arched open doorway and arched open window. The glassed in windows visible elsewhere are multi-pane, including one bay window on the ground floor at far left and front triple windows beneath a transom.

c. Digitized photograph, original 8" x 10". Note these appearing on the back:
1) a black ink stamp reading "THE CLINE STUDIOS, 12-14 Ferger Bldg, CHATTANOOGA, TENN."
2) hand printed in black ink "Robinwood in Fairyland Designed, built and lived in by Frieda Carter".

In front of the home is a metal mailbox mounted on a small, dead, tree trunk along with a metal sign "ROBINWOOD" topped by three flat metal robins. A dirt driveway lined with rocks curves among trees toward a double garage attached to the left of the residence. The garage has two arched vertical plank doors with black iron fittings. The yard is very rustic as well with only random trees, shrubs, & bushes.

Eight wide stone steps mount to the front porch, between two low, sloping stone walls holding two flower pots. The covered porch offers inviting outdoor furniture and a large, arched, wooden front door with windows on either side. The structural finish is stucco with a stone foundation. The front exterior of the home shows two stone chimneys above each end of a gabled roof. There are two small arched windows on the second floor, with five dormer windows in between the gables. Two sets of large, shuttered, multi-paned windows look out from the first floor. At far right is a semi-enclosed porch with archways open to the woods.

d. Second digitized image of the house at c. above, taken from a different angle and at a different time, given visible differences. On the back appears script hand written in blue ink: "'Robinwood' in Fairyland - Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Designed, built, and lived in by Frieda Carter - she is seated on the stone wall".

The natural setting of the home includes many large trees, a few bushes, very minimal landscaping, four large flower pots in front, a small grass yard, some stepping stones & rocks, all surrounded by rather unkempt forest floor to the right and a dirt driveway to the left. The angled view shows a 1920s-1930s model car parked outside the garage at far left. Generally the design is a cottage style but in a larger format.

The three, high, roof gables seem to provide second floor living space with eight windows visible. An imposing chimney of large stones projects up the side of the house above the big, semi-enclosed porch. The exterior is stucco. The front porch steps and walls, the walls supporting the side porch, and the foundation are of stone. On the first floor a furnished, covered porch leads to a front door with windows on either side. The main floor looks out of two sets of triple, multi-paned windows with shutters, one set on either side of the front entry. Striped, scalloped awnings supported by angled iron rods shade both sets.

The large side porch with five open archways is the most outstanding feature of the house. Frieda, in a simple dress, is seated there on a wall, though furniture is visible. No outside access to the porch is evident. There does seem to be some debris/work area in the woods behind the porch. A domed object is suspended in front of the second arch from the left, possibly a lamp or a bird feeder.

Four individuals and a dog are pictured in the yard near the porch. Left to right standing barefoot is a blonde boy in a white, short sleeved shirt with dark knickers probably in his early teens. Next is a very elderly gentleman with white hair & a white beard. He sports a dark, three piece suit with white shirt & dark tie. A dog, perhaps German shepherd, sits beside him. Next is a middle age man wearing a long sleeved white shirt, patterned tie, dark knickers, & fashionable, argyle high socks. He holds a broad brimmed hat in hands crossed at his waist. This man bears a strong resemblance to Frieda's husband, Garnet. Finally, a bit to the rear, a young man is standing, likely in his 20s. His hair is very neatly slicked in place; he wears a medium tone suit with white shirt & dark bow tie.

e. Digitized image of Frieda & Garnet Carter, likely in their own home in Fairyland on Lookout Mountain, TN. On back is printed in black ink: "Uncle Garnet Aunt Frieda". The room is probably a living room or family room of that era, the 1930's. It appears very comfortable with easy chairs, books, electric lights, area rugs, tasteful decor, & two sets of French doors possible to the outside. A cozy atmosphere is enhanced by a large stone fireplace & hearth, wood burning brightly beneath an old fashioned iron pot.

Frieda is seated near the fireplace while watching her husband practice putting. Both were golf enthusiasts, eventually the creators of Tom Thumb Gold (mini-golf). She wears a nice casual dress, hose, & heels. He wears a dark suit, shirt/tie, & dress shoes. The practice putting setup involves a long strip of material or carpet, perhaps 10-12' x 3'. At one end is a rather elaborate golf hole on a 3' round tray. Its surface is decorated. This appears to be metal, or wood coated in a shiny paint. The metal is arranged at the carpet end to provide three access points for the golf ball. At the rear is a vertical metal flourish, perhaps to stop the ball at that edge.

f. Digitized image of an interior of a home. On back is printed in black ink: "Aunt Frieda's Home - Front Door". There are no persons pictured. The subject appears to be the front door & foyer of a rather formal home. In an arched, wall papered alcove is the wooden, six panelled front door, painted white & topped by a lovely leaded glass panel. The panel is curved, & the lead design resembles a spider web. There are glass panels on each side of the door, about 1' x 4' each. Just a hint of a ceiling light fixture appears above. A wooden walking stick leans into the corner.

Only a little of the rest of the foyer is visible. The patterned wall paper continues, with painted wood trim around the front archway and painted wainscotting. A traditional grandfather clock stands at right. In the foreground are the leafy tops of plants..

g. Digitized image shows a beautiful, old fashioned bedroom. It may be possible to assume that this room was in one of Frieda Carter's homes, as described above. The ceiling seems somewhat low, with simple crown moulding, painted walls, hardwood floors with area rugs, two medium size windows, a radiator, & a doorway. The cannon ball, four poster bed of dark wood is at center, covered with an elaborately fringed spread, seemingly in crewel work. A quilt is folded at the foot.

Two tables are visible, one bedside, holding a handcrafted doily, doll, & covered glass dish. There are three antique chairs, two upholstered & one a simple little wooden rocker. A small spinning wheel sits between the heavily curtained windows. Over the bed hangs a landscape painting, and below an early, four push button electrical switch. To the left is a small wall mirror, to the right a picture. On the window wall is a tiny electric light and a decorative wall sconce holding a candle.
Date 1930 circa
Accession number 2015.077