Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2011.018.034.a-y
Collection Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control Collection
Description Digital images copied from original slides from the Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control. Wheland Foundry and land around it near Chattanooga Creek. Taken February 4, 1992.

a) Catch basin at oil shed. Two men can be seen wearing hard hats and talking.
b) Same scene as slide a but taken from a different angle.
c) East side of oil shed. Two men in hard hats can be seen to the left. There is an oil drum behind some chain link fence to the right.
d) Drum storage at east side of oil shed. Two oil drums can be seen.
e) Waste oil tank at oil shed. Oil can be seen seeping out of the bottom of the shed.
f) Inside of Drum Storage oil shed.
g) Overflow at No. 14 Air Compressor. A yellow liquid can be seen on the ground, possibly oil.
h) Bond house scrap yard.
i) Drainage point for Bond House Scrap Yard.
j) No. 5 Outfall to Chattanooga Creek.
k) Drums at Bond House Scrap Yard. Four drums are shown amongst a pile of rusty cages.
l) Drums at west rear of Bond House Scrap Yard. Drums are stacked three high.
m) Waste sand unloading area at Middle Street Foundry Access Road.
n) Waste sand unloading area.
o) Catch basin adjacent to scrap bins.
p) Wetting down sand operation at #1 Melting Area.
q) No. 1 Melting Area.
r) Catch basin at cupolas.
s) Catch basin at Bag House #1.
t) No. 3 Outfall Discharging.
u) No. 3. Outfall Weir Box.
v,w) No. 3. Outfall Discharging into Chattanooga Creek.
x) Discharge from Outfall No. 3 Entering Chattanooga Creek.
y) Residue from sampling Outfall No. 3.
Date 1992
Accession number 2011.018