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Object Name Print, Photographic
Catalog Number 2013.032.361.a-z
Collection American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee
Description Photographs related to the American Red Cross in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

a) Two men are hanging a Red Cross flag outside on a brick wall. "George Moody News-Free Press" stamped on back.
b-q) appear to be from a Red Cross workshop, circa 1970s. Some of the same people appear multiple times throughout the images:
b) A woman in a white Red Cross jacket sits behind a registration table with a pad of paper in front of her. Two men stand to the side, talking. One is wearing a Red Cross name tag.
c) Same woman as in "b" sitting behind a registration table. She is the only one at the table.
d) Large group of people sitting in chairs and at tables with papers and clip boards. They are professionally dressed for work.
e) Same man as in "b" is talking with a man and a woman in a corridor. The registration table is to their side.
f) A man wearing a shirt and tie is standing behind a podium.There is an American flag and tables with people sitting at them in the background.
g) Same man as in "f" is at the podium holding some papers and speaking. There is a pull-down screen behind him.
h) Same man doing similar action as in "g" but different angle and vertical shot.
i) Same man speaking at podium but shows numerous tables filled with people reading papers. The people are not identifiable because all you see is the back of their heads.
j) Same man but wearing a jacket. Picture is taken from the side.
k) Same man wearing a shirt and tie, holding up a form.
L) Same man, talking at podium, his hands are on his hips.
m) Two women at a lunch table eating Red Cross donuts and drinking milk from small cartons. A woman is talking to them while a man watches in the background.
n) Large group of people sitting at chairs, tables, and student desks, going through papers.
o) Closer shot of people sitting around tables working on paperwork. A man is wearing a shirt with a Red Cross badge on his arm. There is a large mural on the wall in the background.
p) Three female and one male Red Cross volunteers standing behind a table filled with small cartons of milk, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, cookies, and sandwiches.
q) Large group of people, largely women, sitting at tables with paperwork in front of them. Their heads are turned as if they are listening to a speaker.
r) A number of women are sitting and standing in a large room with tables and chairs set up. There is a Red Cross flag on the wall and a man leans against the wall next to it. There are two nurses standing and talking to two women. An older woman is sitting and talking to a woman who is filling out paperwork. Possibly a Red Cross disaster recovery situation. Circa 1970s.
s) An elderly woman wearing a Red Cross uniform and dark vest is sitting at a table filling out paperwork. There is a map next to her. In the background are other tables filled with people filling out paperwork. "American National Red Cross, Southeastern States Floods & Tornadoes, March 13-17, 1973" stamped on back. Possibly related to the spring and summer flooding of the Mississippi River in 1973 but exact location of image is unknown.
t) Two women wearing Red Cross badges are talking to each other and holding papers in their hands. There are tables in the background with people sitting and filling out paperwork. A Red Cross flag hangs on the wall. "American National Red Cross, Southeastern States Floods & Tornadoes, March 13-17, 1973" stamped on back. Possibly related to the spring and summer flooding of the Mississippi River in 1973 but exact location of image is unknown.
u) Two young women are sitting behind a table selling tickets for the President's Birthday Ball, a fundraiser for infantile paralysis (polio). A man in a herringbone twill suit is standing next to the table and handing the women some money. Circa 1950s.
v) Four men and five women are standing outside under the shade of a tree for a group photograph, which is taken from above. Most are wearing stick-on name tags. Circa 1990s.
w) Three women sitting around a desk piled high with manilla folders and papers. They are looking at a piece of paper one of the women is holding. A purse and ashtrays are also on the desk.
x) Five women standing around a table with boxes filled with items. The women are filling up mesh "dillybags" with the assorted items. The bags are probably for service men. They are in a room with tall, dark wood wainscoting and door trim. "John Goforth, News-Free Press" stamped on back. Circa 1940s-1950s.
y) A hospital admissions desk with three women in Red Cross uniforms doing various tasks. The woman in the foreground is holding a telephone receiver and looking at paper from an admissions flip chart. There is a man leaning against the counter in the background. "Photo by Alan Vandergriff, News-Free Press" stamped on back. Circa 1980s.
z) Five women wearing Red Cross dress uniforms are standing in a line. A woman wearing a dark skirt and blouse is putting a Red Cross cap on the first woman in the row. The others are wearing their caps. "Red Cross capping" written on back. "W.C. King" stamped on back.
Date 1940-1995
Photographer a) George Moody y) Alan Vandergriff z) W.C. King
Dimension Details a-t,v,y, z) 10.00" x 8.00"
u) 10.00" x 8.25"
x) 9.00" x 7.00"
Accession number 2013.032