Photo Record

Object Name Image, Digital
Catalog Number 2011.018.014.a-j
Collection Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control Collection
Description Digital images copied from original slides from the Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control. Photos were taken on November 25, 1986. Southern Coke & Chemical industrial discharge at Northeast outfall which resulted in what the Division deemed "Spectacular pollution" and is a Superfund site. Heavy rain resulted in flooding which released chemicals from foundry soil and coal tar which then spilled into the Chattanooga Creek. Images are from the same site that were in the photos from catalog number 2011.018.013.a,b. Employees of Division are sampling the water.

Analysis and location: "The Tennessee Products site is an aggregation of Southern Coke Corporation (Southern Coke), Chattanooga Creek TAR Deposit site and Hamill Road Dump No. 2. The site is located in a heavily populated, low-income, urban, and industrial area in the Chattanooga Creek basin in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee. The site consists of the former Tennessee Products coke plant and its associated uncontrolled coal-tar dumping grounds in Chattanooga Creek and its floodplain. Uncontrolled dumping of coal-tar wastes has contaminated the facility, ground water resources underlying the facility, and surface water resources downstream of the facility including wetlands and fisheries. The former Tennessee Products coke plant (a.k.a Southern Coke) is located at 4800 Central Avenue, south of Hamill/Hooker Road and approximately 1 mile west of Chattanooga creek. The coal-tar wastes are located along an approximate 2.5 mile section of the creek extending from just upstream of Hamill Road bridge to the creek's confluence with Dobbs Branch. The coal-tar deposits are the result of dumping coal-tar wastes directly into the creek and onto the floodplain within the immediate vicinity of the creek channel. The largest coal-tar deposits have been found in the creek bed and along its banks within a 1-mile segment of the creek between Hamill Road and 38th Street." See also: Source.

a) Two men by a murky stream. One is pouring water from the stream into a jug.
b) Drainage pipe. A black liquid is flowing out of it.
c) Two men hunched over a stream. Air pollution in the background.
d) Image of machinery. There are puddles of black murky liquid scattered on the ground.
e) Two men gathering samples from the stream. One is holding a mechanical device.
f) A man hunched over a storm drain. Murky water is flowing out of the pipe.
g) Two men gathering sample from a stream. There is an iridescent oil sheen covering the water.
h) Two men gathering sample from a stream.
i) Property line that is separated by a chain link fence. On one side there is a pile of unknown material. A black liquid is seeping from it.
j) Machinery. An oil sheen gathered around it.
Date 1986
Accession number 2011.018