Photo Record

Object Name Scrapbook
Catalog Number 2016.001.001.a-d
Description a:
This is a photograph album or scrapbook circa 1900-1930s, cover is black, patterned cardboard with shoestring tie. On front the title "Photographs" is imprinted in gold at top left. It contains only photographs in sepia tones or black & white, glued to black paper pages. The subjects seem to be a group of affluent, well dressed young friends and/or relatives enjoying themselves at cycling, tennis, swimming, acrobatics, hiking, picnicking, camping, riding, motoring, flying, and train travel in Tennessee and at least one other state.

Most photos are of groups in outdoor locations. The clothing, including varsity letter sweaters, and hair styles are exemplary of the era. Some specific locations are: Opelika, AL, Jefferson City, TN, Patten Chapel on the University of Chattanooga campus, the 1923 Lookout Creek footbridge and the Walnut Street Bridge, both in Chattanooga, TN. There are several repeat pictures of the same individuals: an elderly couple in an arbor, parents with a child, and an old country couple.

Of further interest is a photograph of a man signed "All my love", and another naming the Kappa Sigma fraternity. The last picture in the album is a larger, full length shot of two young women, named on back as Ruth Burnett and Helen Becking. (Ruth is pictured many times in this album and in two other albums numbered 2016.001.002 & .003.) Current University of Tennessee-Chattanooga records from the 1920s seem to indicate that these girls were "L4 Class of 1923". The university Moccasin lists them as Ambassador members that same year. Also, they were mentioned in the 1921 university Echo.

These were loose items found within the scrapbook.

Among the three loose photos is a small oval, black and white portrait of a young woman, likely about 1900. It is within a heavier, light beige, corduroy- textured paper folder, further protected inside by a single onionskin sheet, and attached to a matt imprinted with an oval frame. Only head and shoulders shown, the young woman wears a frilly, eyelet blouse and a large pendant on a choker length necklace. Her long hair is elaborately coiffed up off her shoulders.

Photograph, outside in a yard shows a middle age woman holding a baby about 9 months old, a sepia tone. It appears to be summer, the background trees in leaf. Her dress and shoes seem to be of a 1930s-1940s style. The baby is dressed in short pants, a sweater, tam, and lace-up shoes. Black ink handwriting on back names the baby as "George" and the lady as "Miss Cox the girl who works at the Drug Store". Printed in the bottom left corner on back is "B73".

Photograph with the same, handwriting in black ink on back names the subjects as "baby George eight months old" and "Evelyn". "Thomasville" is named as the location. On front is the same baby in the same outfit as (c). Here he rides in a push stroller with a different middle age woman behind. They are photographed similarly to (c) in a grassy setting with leafed out trees behind and some type of structures beyond.
Date 1900-1930 circa
Dimension Details a) 7.00" x 11.00" x 1.00"
b) 2.00" x 2.50" (4.00" x 7.00")
c,d) 4.50" x 2.75"
Accession number 2016.001