Photo Record

Object Name Negative
Catalog Number 2007.145.038.b-f
Collection Paul A. Hiener Collection
Description Collection of negatives related to Cameron Hill in Chattanooga.

b) Reproduction negative of Cameron Hill taken in 1887-1888. Numerous houses are visible. The image shows the Incline to the Casino at the top.
c) Reproduction negative of an image in a book of the Spanish Mansion of D.P. Montague's on West Terrace Point on Cameron Hill.
d) A transparency of a view on the East Terrace.
e) Reproduction negative of downtown with Cameron Hill in the background. Typed below image: Chattanooga and Cameron Hill 1888. Amusement Casino on top of hill. First car ascended Cameron Hill Incline April 1, 1889. Written on envelope: Chatta. & Cameron Hill 1888.
f) Reproduction negative of downtown looking up Cameron Hill. Two large buildings are atop the hill and numerous others are at the base and down the sides. Written on envelope: Cameron Hill from Chestnut & First St.
Date 1880s-1900s circa
Dimension Details b) 5.00" x 4.00"
c) 5.00" x 4.00"
d) 5.00" x 3.50"
e) 3.50" x 5.00"
f) 4.00" x 5.25"
Accession number 2007.145