Photo Record

Object Name Postcard
Catalog Number 2007.145.009.a-v
Collection Paul A. Hiener Collection
Description Postcards of images from Lookout Mountain, Fairyland, and Rock City.

a) Image of a path leading over a stone bridge. "Stone bridge, Rock City Gardens, Lookout MT."
b) Image of a map of "Rock City Gardens Fairyland, atop Lookout Mountain", highlighting the many attractions.
c) Image of two men and two women standing on "Sky Bridge-Rock City Gardens, Lookout MT."
d) Image of four women walking on a large cliff (Lover's Leap). "Lover's Leap, Rock City Gardens, Lookout MT."
e) Three women standing on a rope bridge. "Rockaway Bridge, Rock City Gardens, Lookout MT."
f) "Grand Corridor and Overhead Bridge, Lookout MT" Image of a path through a wooded area next to a cliff and a stone bridge going over the path at the top of the cliff.
g) Image of a crevice with small stone bridge crossing over it. "Along Enchanted Trail, Rock City Gardens, Lookout MT."
h) Image of a man walking across a rope bridge. " Sky Bridge - Rock City Gardens, Lookout MT."
i)"Who's who in Rock City Gardens Lookout Mountain Tennessee". Postcard has a picture of an owl.
j) "Tom Thumb Golf Course, Fairyland, Lookout Mountain". Postcard features three women playing miniature golf in a wooded area. Copyright is 1930.
k) "Mr & Mrs Garnett Carter Tom Thumb Golf Course Fairyland, Lookout Mtn". Postcard has photo of the couple outside at the miniature golf course, staring at the camera, with a border collie propping its paws on Mr Carters chest.
l) Postcard of two mallards with six ducklings standing under a log by a pond.
m) "Mr & Mrs Garnett Carter Tom Thumb golf course Fairyland, Lookout Mtn". Postcard photo looks identical to postcard k, except the dog is no longer balancing on Mr Carter. The dog is standing between the couple, and is staring at the ground, while Mr Carter stares at the dog.
n) Postcard of five lawn gnomes positioned in a line on a boulder.
o) Postcard of a lawn gnome holding a fish and a fishing pole, while seated on a stump. The back reads: "This little fellow is just north of the Fairyland Co office near the roadside, just outside the window of Garnetts office".
p)"Spacious Ballroom and Dinging Room = FAIRYLAND CLUB = Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tenn."
q) "Airplane View of FAIRYLAND CLUB and East Brow of Lookout Mountain. Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tenn."
r)"Gingerbread House Fairyland". Postcard of a log house by a stream.
s) Postcard has a photo looking off the mountain. Faded around the edges.
t) "No. 123. Ropers Rock, Point Lookout, Lookout Mountain. Chattanooga, Tenn." Color drawing of two people standing on the edge of the rock. A railroad track runs just under the edge. On back: "Mother will you please meet me at the train this afternoon. Your Daughter Effie" " Effie don't feel well and I would not let her walk from the train Lloyd will stay home I guess. don't be uneasy if she should not come this? if she feels any better ? Bertha".
u) Postcard featuring a man and woman, dressed in turn of the century attire, standing on Umbrella Rock at lookout mountain.
v) Postcard with a photo of the "Entrance to Fairyland Lookout Mountain".
Date 1930 circa
Print size 3.50" x 5.50"
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Accession number 2007.145