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Object Name Print, Photographic
Catalog Number 2013.032.365.a-z
Collection American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee
Description Photographs related to the American Red Cross in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

a) Group of 11 African American young boys and girls gathered around a tall pile of metal cans for a World War II scrap metal drive. A post in the center has a "V" (for Victory) on it. There is a brick building, James A. Henry School, in the background and an African American teacher on the landing. "Jas. A. Henry School" written on the back. Circa 1941-1945.
b) A young woman is laying down on a cushioned table. There is a blood pressure gauge lying next to her and a tube coming out of her elbow vein, most likely she is donating blood. There are two women standing next to her, one is wearing a name tag with the Red Cross logo on it. There is a large circle of young women sitting in chairs in the background. The event is in a gymnasium. "Year 1974" written on back. Circa 1974.
c) A young man is laying in a hospital bed with his right leg in a plaster cast. He is holding a telephone receiver that a woman wearing a Red Cross volunteer dress is handing to him. The woman's nametag reads "Mrs. Mayville." The telephone is a large, rotary pay phone that is sitting on a low table. There is another, empty, hospital bed next to them. "Year 1974" written on back. Circa 1974.
d) An older African American woman is sitting up in a hospital bed holding the lid to a box that says "A gift of the American National Red Cross." There is a Causasian woman in a Red Cross dress standing next to her who is going through the contents of the box which includes Cashmere Bouquet talcum, Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush, a comb, and other bathing supplies. "Year 1974" written on back. Circa 1974.
e) Group of approximately 10 teenage girls surrounding a table in which one of the girls is learning how to wash a baby in a plastic tub using a baby doll. There is a woman wearing a Red Cross uniform standing behind the girl. "June 1974" and "Mrs. Aggie Dall" written on back. f) Six people sitting in a circle on the ground playing cards. A man is crouched down and is wearing an arm band with the Red Cross logo and "Volunteer" on it. There are metal folding chairs in the background. Possibly an emergency shelter situation, possibly in a Latino area. Circa 1970s.
g) A woman, two young girls, and an infant are sitting on the ground with a man wearing a Red Cross volunteer armband. The man has a notebook and is taking down information. The woman has a transistor radio in her lap. There are metal folding chairs in the background. Possibly an emergency shelter situation, possibly in a Latino area. Circa 1970s.
h) A teenage boy in a uniform is holding a baby doll on his forearm. His left hand is above the doll's chest as if he's practicing doing CPR on a baby. He is wearing a nametag that says "Montgomery" and has numerous patches and insignia on his uniform but it is unclear what organization his uniform represents. Circa 1970s.
i) Group of nine boys and girls gathered around a hospital bed with a boy in it lying in traction. There are other young boys wearing pajamas sitting on the hospital bed. Some of the children are holding baskets with presents in them. There is an older woman standing to the side. "Sunnyside School at Children's Hospital Dec. 20, 1954" written on back. "Englerth's, 5 Ridgeside Road, Chattanooga 4, Tenn" stamped on the back.
j) Group of 12 young boys and girls along with an older woman standing on a sidewalk next to a van. One of the boys is in a wheelchair. Other children are shielding their eyes from the sun. In the background is the Hibbler-Barnes Coal and Building Materials building, the Ridgedale Branch on Dodds Ave. Circa 1950s.
k) Group of 12 young women sitting around a table with Red Cross items and materials spread upon it. There are stand-up signs with the Red Cross logo and "GIVE!" across the bottom. A sign in the back indicates a 1952 Red Cross fund.
l) Six young women are standing next to a sign that says "114 Youth Volunteers 5236 Hours." Five of them are in Red Cross candy-stripe pinafore uniforms, while one is in street clothes. Two are wearing nametags: Miss Templeton, Miss Duncan. "Photo by George Moody, News-Free Press" stamped on back. Circa 1960s.
m) Six young women with four of them posed with framed Certificates of Appreciation. There are heavily floral drapes behind the women. A publication sticker on the back says "Parkwood Volunteers." "Photo by Michael Payne, News-Free Press" stamped on back. Circa 1970s.
n) Two older African American women are standing and facing each other. One is wearing a Red Cross uniform and is holding a thermometer in her hand. The other woman has a handwritten tag pinned to her outfit. They are standing behind a table that has an enamel pitcher and basin on it along with other small items. There are yellow grease pencil crop marks on the picture. "Photos by Tom Nite, News-Free Press" stamped on back. Circa 1960s-1970s.
o) Four teenage girls are wearing Red Cross candy-stripe pinafore uniforms. A man in a suit is pinning a pin on one of the girl's uniform. There are two women in Red Cross uniforms standing with the girls. "Photo by Steve Grider, News-Free Press" stamped on the back. Circa 1970s.
p) Four women dressed in two-piece Red Cross uniforms, pill box caps, and short, white gloves are standing in a line (tallest to shortest) against a wall. There are black grease pencil crop marks on the picture. "Mesdames Elbert R. Hays" written on back. Circa 1960s.
q) Group photograph of two young women, an older woman, and an older man. The two young women are holding plaques with the Red Cross emblem. One plaque reads "Allyson Jeffrey Youth Volunteer of the Year." Chattanooga News-Free Press Photographic Order on back. Photo by Robin Rudd. Circa 1980s.
r) Group photograph of four young women, and older woman and man. The young women are dressed in Red Cross candy-stripe pinafore volunteer uniform. The older woman in a Red Cross administration uniform. The man is wearing a suit with a wide tie. "Photo by Steve Grider, News-Free Press" and "Tom Gilliland" stamped on back. Circa 1970s.
s) A group of teenage girls is standing around listening to a woman who is kneeling on the floor. The woman is holding up something in her hand. There is a man in a suit and tie listening as well. One of the students is wearing a windbreaker with "Wesleyan School" on it. Circa 1970s.
t) Three women are standing along a group of 14 teenage girls. The women are wearing drop-waisted dresses and large hats. The girls are wearing dark bloomers and white shirts. Circa 1920s.
u) Group photo of 23 teenage boys and girls (5 boys, 18 girls). Taken outside, the girls are wearing heavy coats over dresses. The boys are wearing knickers and heavy sweaters. They are out of focus. Handwritten on back: "Avondale D. A. (P.A.?) girls who made garments & participated in Xmas parade. Miss Mary Baker McGee teacher. Drummer boys & boy who won prize at Fair for most perfect at his age. Feb. 23." Circa 1920s.
v) Four boys are foot racing, running towards a finish line. There are people standing on either side of the grounds watching the race. The boys are blurry. Circa 1920s.
w) Tabletop display for the Chattanooga Chapter of the American Junior Red Cross. A standing sign says "This We Have Done" with a piece of poster board at the base that itemizes the accomplishments of the Junior Red Cross. Eastman Kodak processing stamp on the back, April 28, 1956.
x) Young girl standing in a yard next to a group of blooming daylillies. There is a rose bush and a mesh fence in the background. The girl is wearing a striped shirt with flowers and bees on it. Written on the back: "Jessica Vowell, newest Red Cross volunteer at Carroll Co. Chapter." Circa 1990s-2000s.
y) Photograph of a two-story brick building with a gable roof and single gabled dormer. There is a tall projecting brick portico with an arched cap. An entry walk steps down to a sidewalk. There are low hedges along the sidewalk. Picture is out of focus. Circa 1920s.
z) Three men are wearing sweat-drenched t-shirts. One is wearing a Red Cross t-shirt, one is wearing a 1998 Chattanooga Chase tank top, and one is wearing a Missionary Ridge Road Race t-shirt. They all are wearing race entry tags on the front of their shirts. Written on the back: "ARC board members run Missionary Ridge Road Race. ?, David Irwin, Dan Baily.Circa late 1990s.
Date 1920-2000
Photographer See list in "Notes & Legal" section
Dimension Details a) 8.00" x 5.00"
b-d, f-p) 10.00" x 8.00"
e) 9.00" x 7.00"
q,s) 7.00" x 5.00"
r) 10.00" x 5.75"
t,u,y) 5.625" x 3.50"
v) 5.75" x 3.50"
w) 3.50" x 3.50"
x) 4.00" x 4.50"
z) 6.00" x 4.00"
Accession number 2013.032